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Im Just Crushin, On Gretchen :)
Gabriel Bishop
Sylar, Elle and a Killers line, Best things in history :) Gabriel BishopUTC 11:17, 12 July 2009 (EDT)
Nickname Sylar just without the big eyebrows.
Powers Intuitive aptitude Known abilities gained:Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis, Rapid Cell Regeneration, Telepathy, Lightning, Space-time manipulation, Super speed, Flight, Induced radioactivity, Alchemy, Body insertion, Enhanced memory, Enhanced strength, Freezing, Illusion, Invisibility, Precognition, Ability supercharging, Ability Diminishment
Aliases Gabriel Bishop, Agent 011996
Sex Male
Age 13 and 9 months :P
Date of birth Six Months Ago
Occupation working for The Company
Favorite Heroes quote What was your brother's Name ? Larry . Lyle . Lyle Yeah he's gonna die too
Favorite quote Hands Up, Your surrounded by armed Bastards.
Favorite color blue or black depends on my mood
Favorite episode Season 1 =How To Stop An Exploding Man,
Season 2 =Powerless,
Volume 3 =I Am Become Death,
Volume 4 =I Am Sylar
Favorite graphic novel Elle's First Assignment
Favorite actor David Tennant
Favorite actress Billie Piper
Favorite Heroes actor Masi Oka
Favorite Heroes actress Hayden Panettiere
Favorite character Peter or Sylar
Least favorite character Dr. Livitz
Favorite power Intuitive aptitude or Shape shifting
Favorite sport Football
Favorite magazine Top Gear
I am from the
United Kingdom

Gabriel BishopUTC 08:30, 27 May 2009 (EDT) IM BACK

My Theories

Dr who series soon Gabriel BishopUTC 11:15, 17 September 2009 (EDT)

Page's Created


About Me

Hi Im Gabriel Bishop, Im rather a Star Wars/Heroes/Whoniverse(Anything in Dr Who Or Torchwood e.g)/Harry Potter. I try to help out the wiki. Im also in Cockney Heroes. Cockney Heroes is what me and Irony created which we do with Leckie, Danko , And Radicell.

Favourite Tv Show's

  • Dr Who,Torchwood,Sarah Jane Adventures,Psych,Monk,Ashes To Ashes,Life On Mars,Merlin,Robin Hood.

Favourite Movies

Star Wars, Harry Potter , Back To The Future , The Simpsons Movie, All Marvel / Dc Movies

Favourite Books

Harry Potter, Star Wars, Comics

Favourite Characters

Shawn Spencer, Darth Vader , Gabriel Gray , Tom Marvolo Riddle , Norman Osbourne e.t.c

Upcoming projects



Doctor Who

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The Man with the Golden Gun.jpg <-----He's The Man With The Golden Gun

Gabriel Bishop Thinks That Hayden Panettiere is the Sexiest Person in the world :)

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