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Francis Petrelli
Portrayed by Unknown
First appearance How To Stop A Powerless Man
In-story stats
Known ability Rapid Cell Regeneration and Empathic Mimicry
Formal name Francis, Peter ,Petrelli
Alias ?
Age 97
Date of birth 1912
Place of birth Cork,Ireland
Home Unknown Location
Residence Unknown possibly a Mansion
Occupations Congressman,Lawyer
Significant other Rachel Petrelli (Deceased)
Children Angela Petrelli,Simon Petrelli
Grandchildren Nathan Petrelli,Peter Petrelli
Other relatives Meredith Gordon,Flint Gordon Jr,Arthur Petrelli

Born Francis Peter Shaw,Nathan Petrelli's Grandad and his wife Rachel Shaw later changed thier both thier names to "Petrelli" for no apparent reason.An american born in Cork Francis fought in the wars and kater became a hero.This reason was because he witnessed his friend die and come back to life,he later did the same.Both thinking they were Special he later realised that he could actually mimic other people's abilities.He has recently come out of hiding and created a secret army with primatech agent Gabriel Bishop.The Army Of Nathan Petrelli's Grandad.

Character History


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Arthur's Ringtone

Arthur Tells Mohinder Have You Met His Grandad.

Episode:A Clear And Present Danger

The government cannot find francis becuase they cant find him.Francis gets a text message from a unknown source saying that he must help Gabriel Bishop and Micheal Neville Anderson.

Rest Of volume 4

Basically they form it and it works, Then end

Evolved Human Abilities

He can do what peter used to can do if you get what I mean.


  • There is also a parralel Group formed by Francis in a alternate universe.


  • His Middle Name is Peter.