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Halfbreed1426 or Marcus as I am named off the net. I'm an Evolved Human with the power to generate a dust like golden energy that can be manipulated in any way I will it. I'm 16 as of the 23rd of October, and I've resently met Amid Halebi, and was living with others with abilities: some cute looking girl who could Fly, a guy who can Clone him self and a wanker that throws fire, named Barney. However I was taken by the Company and forced into Level 5. Six months later I was freed, thanks to Elle Bishop going bang to stop that Sylar asshole. but despite what I thought was my power, I later learned that if I'm close to somebody with a power and if they begin to decribe it, I go into a state trance. this is followed by what i can only describe as the strangest snesation I've ever felt, then afterwoods, I find my self able to render use of their power as my own. I call it Ability Rendering, because I can only take a power selectivly. so far I have taken the energy discharger from earlyer, three varations of Pyrokinesis, one of which makes my extremities glow before ignighting, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Flight from the girl that I mentioned and even Cloning.