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Brothers In a New World
The logo of "Brothers In a New World"
Location: Heroes Wiki
Purpose: Spin-Off of Heroes Legends
Known members: Catalyst
How can one survive in the world alone? In a world where others see people as different, not special. You need someone to help keep you going. A friend, a parent, a brother. They can help you accomplish what you wish to. Maybe to go to a good college, or even help you learn the simple things, such as to drive. But when you enter a new world, you'll need all the help you can get. Who knows, they might just even help you save this new world.


Brothers In a New World is a spin-off of the fanfiction series, Heroes Legends. This will feature new characters and abilities, with some guest characters. I't won't be a long series, but will have a good amount of episodes.


Episode No. Title Date Released
1 End of War TBD


Name Ability Debut
Jake Cale Empathy End of War
Ben Cale Hyalokinesis End of War
Mikhail Nolan Delusional Poisoning TBD


Brothers In a New World

End of war