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Sylar freezes Hiro's sword.
Originally held by: Unknown
Absorbed by: Sylar
Ability to: Remove heat from matter

Cryokinesis is the ability to remove heat from matter, reducing its temperature and causing it to freeze.


Sylar has acquired this ability from an unknown victim.


In Don't Look Back, James Walker was found frozen solid, mid-bite. In Road Kill, Sylar managed to coat a large stretch of highway with ice in seconds. These events indicate that he can rapidly freeze a human body or cause hundreds of cubic feet of ice to form from ambient moisture in seconds.

The range of this ability appears to be quite short. Sylar did not have to have physical contact with the roadway in order to freeze it — he merely pointed his hand at the asphalt — but he did have to open the door and lean down from the cab.


"A beam of ice never made any sense to me and wouldn't look right in the Heroes world. I figured that the air around his hands would simply just get really, really cold rather than a beam of ice shoot out of his hands. I figured he could then extend and direct the coldness around his hands towards the road (I couldn't get him leaning out and touching the road -- how would he steer the semi?!). But where does the water come from that forms the ice? Is it the oxygen in the air slowing down? Should I have drawn the ground wet from rain? Given that there was no direction for the latter in the script, I opted for the former. So my comic implies that he could freeze someone from a short distance (3 feet?)."
  • Assuming that Mohinder's list of Sylar's victims was complete at the time he reported it (Fallout), the cryokinetic ability was probably obtained either from the victim described as "David" (Turning Point), from one of the two unnamed victims whose photos Mr. Bennet shows to Eden (Homecoming), or from another unrevealed victim.
  • A number of fans have speculated that Sylar obtained this ability from James Walker. However, James appears to have been frozen mid-bite, which would mean he was frozen while still alive. It is extremely unlikely that Sylar was able to steal this ability from James and use it on him all in the span of a single bite.


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