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User:HiroDynoSlayer/Unnamed abilities

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Welcome to the unofficial Unnamed Abilities page!!!
This page is dedicated to all those wonderful abilities (4, down from 11...that's great progress!!!) that just can't seem to merit a
legitimate name, and for you members who get really annoyed with seeing "abc's ability" used as a default name.

As their ranks grow, this page will keep them documented all in one nice, neat table. They
may be hard to name, but they won't be hard to find.

Here in this world, I'll name them...just because they really want a name. Enjoy!!

Image Power Possessed by Absorbed by
Mohinder climbs a wall.jpg
Insect mimicry
(aka Mohinder's ability)
Mohinder Suresh
The ability to possess insect-like enhanced human senses, instinct, and strength
Melting beam emission
(aka Future terrorist's ability)
Future terrorist
The ability to shoot a concentrated beam of green energy from the hand
Powers alejandro police station.jpg
Poison emission negation
(aka Alejandro's ability)
Alejandro Herrera
The ability to absorb and counter the effects of Maya's Poison emission
David's eyes.jpg
Super rabies
(aka David's ability)
David Sullivan
The ability to growl and charge at others viciously