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Poison emission

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Poison emission
Powers maya hard habit to break.jpg
Maya and her victims cry black tears.
Originally held by: Maya Herrera (lost)
Absorbed by: Arthur Petrelli (deceased)
Ability to: Emit and expel a poison
Examples of poison emission

Poison emission is the ability to emit a deadly poison, which can kill people in one's vicinity.



Maya Herrera

When distressed, Maya emits a black liquid from her eyes. People near her when she manifests these symptoms rapidly become ill and die, also leaking black liquid from their eyes. The blood of Maya's victims also turns black (Maya y Alejandro). The maximum range of this effect is not yet known, but seems to be substantial, as she is able to kill all of the guests at a wedding reception (Four Months Ago...).

Maya's ability incapacitates people who are affected almost immediately, leaving little opportunity for them to try to attack her. What would happen to victims if she were killed or rendered unconscious while manifesting her ability is not known. Alejandro's ability can negate this ability and even reverse the effects on victims if applied quickly enough.

Maya used to have little, if any, control over her ability. Thanks to Sylar, she can now stop the manifestation of her power without the help of Alejandro. Her ability spontaneously manifests when she feels emotional distress: fear, grief, anger, etc. She has yet to activate her ability under other circumstances, and she does not appear to be able to "target" the ability against particular people.

Arthur Petrelli

After Arthur took this ability from Maya, he turned to Mohinder and showed him that he had taken her ability. (Eris Quod Sum)

Selected Examples

Memorable Quotes

"It is a new illness. You fear it will spread. You fear... yourself. What you carry inside you is black. Enough to kill the devil. No one can heal you. You are cursed."

- Curandera (to Maya) (Lizards)


  • Maya's ability is referred to in several updates on Hana's website.
  • In the episode commentary for The Kindness of Strangers, Tim Kring says that Maya emits "a plague ... that makes people sick".
  • In Powerless, Maya refers to this ability both as a "sickness" and as a "poison". Dania Ramirez also has referred to this ability as a "venom" in some interviews.
  • Arthur was able to use this ability briefly without anyone in his vicinity being affected. It is unclear as to why nobody else was affected.

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Fan Theories

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