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Nickname Horrorman
Powers Video game manipulation
Current mimicked abilities:
Inner Fear
Alias horrorman
Sex Male
Age 25
Favorite Heroes quote "The future Hiro doesn't count as you."
Favorite quote "The calculator is not working," he asks, "Did you turn it on?" I reply....."Oh no there we go."
Favorite color Red
Favorite episode Five Years Gone
Favorite graphic novel Team Building Exercise
Favorite character Noah Bennet
Least favorite character Monica
Favorite power Inner Fear


Power Effectiveness
"Bliss and Horror" Can incapacitate anyone with a gesture
Flight Fast, cheap travel
Empathic mimicry all rolled into one
Induced radioactivity Walking nuke

NEW ABILITIES that I have invented.

New ability Description
Morality detection Ability to perceive someone's morality (such as being good or evil) via "Second sight".
Morality manipulation Ability to change someone's moral compass from good to bad or vice versa.
Personality mimicry Ability to copy and recall a personality down to key personality traits.
Video game manipulation Ability to call the reality from a game into real world existence and in certain cases gain extraordinary powers.
Psychic overload Induce a large psychic attack on a person's mind causing severe damage.
Molecular combustion Ability to cause molecules to destabalize and explode.
Life force consumption Ability to consume life force of another and gain increased life-span.
Pain absorption Ability to absorb and project varying degrees of pain.
Melding Restructure DNA of self into other types of matter.
Water transmutation Transform water into wine, weird feeling that somebody else had this power.
Fog manipulation Scary ghost effect.
Psychosis projection Ability to scare someone to insanity.
Hologram projection Video chat will never be the same
Limited Reality Manipulation Similar to Crusader's ring
Mass devotion Godliness
Ability deactivation Failsafe
Sprites Digital guide
Inner Fear To see someone's worst fear and turn it against them
Animorphing Animal transformation
Kaleidoscope Unique way of having multiple powers