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User:Horrorman/Video game manipulation

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Video game manipulation
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Held by: Horrorman
Ability to: Bring forth aspects of a video game into the real world

Video game manipulation is the ability to call forth and manipulate aspects of a video game into reality.


Horrorman is the only character with this ability.


Horrorman's skill over this ability is very controlled due to extensive practice and concentration. The user, when inside a game, has the power equivalent to a system administrator, therefore he is capable of manipulating any aspect and through this gain limitless power. However when returning to the real world the user does not have the same power but rather a hodge-podge version of several abilities he had.

This ability allows for a transference (including persons) from the digital to the physical or vice versa, similar to phasing.(i.e. pulling a lamp from a game into our world and it becomes real).

Like many abilities where a physical change occurs (phasing, invisibility), the user can also take someone into the reality and interact with it (albeit not to the same degree of control as the original user).

In theory the ability could take living things out of the video game into reality like any object.

Also through acquiring of abilities in a video game, such as Force in Star Wars games, the user could keep those abilities outside of the game. This however is extremely strenuous on the body, as an example with his first acquired ability, the user fell unconscious after he melded into a table. The user has since overcome this limitation and is able to use his abilities with limited strain.

However the power seems to only work in a reality that has no connection with the real world (i.e. cannot enter a reality where a news reel, or tv show is playing). It seems only to work in a world where no real world elements exist, it stops at the video game.

The ability has been described by Horrorman to be similar to Maury Parkman and his nightmare rooms, he like Maury can only manipulate that specific reality, unlike Maury however, Horrorman can take things out of the reality he manipulates while Maury only "puts things in".

The user has not shown to recall things he may have "pulled" out of the game. But other items that the game uses to "enhance" the player, such as stimulants, or power enhancements, may stay with the user after he leaves the game if used in the game.