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General Info

Hey, I'm Hyperdude (real name: Mike). I'm a huge fan of Heroes. Who could've guessed?

My Evolved Human

See the page on my (non-canon) ability for some info.

Some stuff that bugs me.

  • I watched a simple video on YouTube about how to set up a 'phisher' (I was bored and I have no intention of wasting my time doing that) - my GOD are people stupid. 3/4 of the comments were "so do they have to log in on my computer?" Tards.
  • Background: In An Invisible Thread, the characters did not use Claire's blood to heal Nathan. Many disgruntled fans have complained about this, feeling it to be evidence that the writers are 'dumbasses' and the characters have become 'retards.' I, however, disagree. It is my firm belief that this choice was made due to the fact that Volume Four was written and planned as a fresh start for plotlines, characters, and fans alike. Being able to leave the past behind is a good change for the show. If the writers had been stupid enough to decide to include this chestnut of power use, they would obviously need to explain it, somehow, to the new fans. Could you imagine...
"Hey Noah, can't your daughter's blood heal people?"
"Oh yeah Angela! You're right! [calls Claire]"
Because I couldn't. I think that this decision is good for the show and its future, as the consequences of Nathan's death make for a VERY interesting show for Redemption.
  • Why are there no videos on YouTube from the classic movie Little Big League?

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