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Meredith fire.JPG
Medredith uses her power for no reason.
Held by: All the characters on Heroes
Ability to: is the ability to show your power for no apparent reason.

Ostendopotestassupervacuus is the ability to show your ability so that a visually unattractive scene suddenly becomes edgy, oooh!


  • Every character on heroes has this ability.


People like Meredith show their ability to make themself feel special. Some examples are: Meredith showing her power when Noah invites her into the Bennet clan, Claire self-harming at every opportunity, Ando showing his power to Hiro in the lair. This power is proabably for the slower views who think they are watch Neighbours instead of heroes and are only excited by shinny or boomy things.

Memorable Quotes

"But can you do this?"

- Meredith,to Sandra (Fallout)


  • Ostendopotestassupervacuus is latin for to show abilities unnecessarily.