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Peter explode.jpg
Peter go *Boom*!
Held by: Peter Petrelli
Ability to: is the ability to make things go wrong when you are trying to make them better.

Pressurefacioresvadonefas is the ability to want to be a hero, but no matter what you to make every, and I mean everything get a lot worse.


  • Peter is the first character to demonstrate this ability.
  • Mohinder developed this ability after taking his rubbish formula.


Season 1

In series one, all Peter ever tries to do is to stop the explosion, and ironically, he explodes, needing everyone to save him.

Season 2

Peter goes into the outbreak future and when he comes back, instead of stopping the future he, unbeknown to him, ironically, helps Adam to almost accomplish it.

Season 3

When Peter comes back from the future, he tries to stop the future of everyone being given abilities, instead he makes a future when the world explodes. Well done Peter! Well done!
Mohinder wants to be special *in my mind he already is but...* so he gives himself the formula before clicking the show preview button, he then becomes a gloopy monster thing and has to get Arthur to help him.

Memorable Quotes

"You're totally my hero."

- Claire,to Peter Petrelli (Fallout)


  • Peter has exhibited this ability every series.
  • Pressurefacioresvadonefas is latin for pressue to make everything worse.