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Jan Rodrigo
Jan as a child
Portrayed by Can Evrensel
Nickname Jan
Powers Empathical Intuition
Sex Male
Age 26
Date of birth July 12, 1983
Home Istanbul
Occupation Scientist, Master Student, Yogi
Favorite quote Do All the Good You Can,
By All the Means You Can,
In All the Ways You Can,
In All the Places You Can,
At All the Times You Can,
To All the People You Can,
As Long As Ever You Can.
Favorite colors Orange, White
Favorite fruit Grapes, Mandarine
Favorite sport Yoga, Jogging, Swimmimg

About Me

Hello Everyone and Welcome to My User Page.

If you saw my user page, you're always welcome to leave me a message as I'm delighted every time a friend converses with me. So, be it for making a comment, for asking a question or even for just saying hi, please you can always...

I'm an adorer and a very big fan of Heroes and have been watching it since late mid-2007. I got to know Heroes Wiki and became a contributor in February 2009. And I was made a patroller in December 2009.

When I started to watch Heroes from the beginning I adored Genesis and especially Five Years Gone was my favourite. My home city is Istanbul, the largest city of Turkey and here unfortunately I can't get access to the many features of Heroes Evolutions, including not being able to watch webisodes etc. "thanks to" NBC! Two of the many things that mean to me a lot in Heroes are character developments and to see how ordinary people become acquinted with extraordinary things and how they adjust with it. It's important for me to feel connected with the Heroes Universe :)

How Can I Help

I'm a contributor in the Wikipedia under the user name "Universal Life". However actually I contributed more to the Turkish Wikipedia under the same user name.

I am an administrator in the Judaeo-Spanish Wikipedia since August 2008 when I also started a Wiktionary project in the Wikimedia Incubator called Vikcionario Judeo-Español. Everyone is welcome to contribute.

My actual name is Can, which is not pronounced as English "can" but rather like how someone from Boston would pronounce "John". I like conversation and communication and I believe in love and humanity and think that sharing experiences is a very good way of learning better and developing.

For my projects, go through my followup pages. I also have an account at 9th Wonders under the same user name.

I plan on joining the Heroes:Survival game towards the end of January

By the way, I thank Catalyst, from whom I've inspired and kind of replicated one part of my user page style.