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Case Files

File Date Subject Agents Location Notes
CF0011 ??/??/1963 Chris Coolidge Charles Deveaux, Daniel Linderman, Bob Bishop, Angela Petrelli West Greenwich Village, New York City N/A
CF0475 ??/??/1978 Three Mile Island Mindy Sprague, Angela Petrelli Three Mile Island, Londonderry Township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania N/A
??/??/1987 Unknown Eric Thompson, Sr. Odessa, TX post mortem CF3091, re-up
CF3087 14/10/1987 Unknown Eric Thompson, Sr. Madras, India see PF127, CS057
CF3090 26/10/1987 Unknown Eric Thompson, Sr. Phnom Penh, KH ILLEGIBLE
CF3092 ??/??/1987 Unknown Eric Thompson, Sr. Thimpu, BT see A012, C001, Goose, ILLEGIBLE
CF3095 27/11/1987 Unknown Eric Thompson, Sr. Lagos, NG ILLEGIBLE
CF3096 31/11/1987 Unknown Eric Thompson, Sr. Dakar, SN abort 12.01.87
CF3097 09/12/1987 Unknown Eric Thompson, Sr. Saana, YE files redacted
CF3098 18/12/1987 Unknown Eric Thompson, Sr. Amman, JO files redacted
CF3099 20/12/1987 Unknown Eric Thompson, Sr. Yamoussoukro, CI files redacted
CF3102 02/01/1988 Unknown Eric Thompson, Sr. Bruges, BE see C011
07/01/1988 Unknown Eric Thompson, Sr. Hartsdale, NY post mortem CF3100, CF3101, CF3102, ILLEGIBLE
CF3104 ??/??/1988 Sylvia (947) Eric Thompson, Sr., Claude Rains Astana, USSR see A011, C024, C052, PF756, M/10.18.79, GN171, ILLEGIBLE
CF3105 ??/??/1988 Sylvia (947) Eric Thompson, Sr., Claude Rains Berlin Wall, West Germany see A011, C024, C052, PF756, M/10.18.79, GN171, ILLEGIBLE
ILLEGIBLE ??/??/1988 Unknown Unknown Islamabad, PK C052, ILLEGIBLE
P2-1138 ??/??/1991 Elle Bishop Bob Bishop, Dr. Jonas Zimmerman Athens, Ohio N/A

Personnel Files

File AT Name Abilities
PF0001 Unknown Charles Deveaux Telepathy
PF0002 Unknown Daniel Linderman Healing
PF0003 Unknown Bob Bishop Alchemy
PF0004 Unknown Angela Petrelli Precognitive dreaming
PF0005 Unknown Kaito Nakamura Illegible
PF0013 Unknown Arthur Petrelli Ability absorption
PF0113 C026 Mindy Sprague Energy absorption, transference, and redirection
PF0121 A011 Maury Parkman Telepathy
PF0127 Unknown Unknown Unknown
PF0364 N/A Eric Thompson, Sr. N/A
PF0756 C024 Claude Rains Invisibility
PF0807 N/A Noah Bennet N/A
PF1068 C023 Elle Bishop Electric manipulation