This wiki is a XML full dump clone of "Heroes Wiki", the main wiki about the Heroes saga that has been shut down permanently since June 1, 2020. The purpose of this wiki is to keep online an exhaustive and accurate database about the franchise.


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Important Season One Characters: Simone DeveauxAudrey HansonBrody MitchumJanice ParkmanHeidi PetrelliFuture MohinderMr. ThompsonJackie WilcoxZach

Important Season Two Characters: Susan AmmanCaitlinDamon DawsonNana DawsonHarry FletcherPaula GrambleDebbie MarshallVictoria PrattIvan SpektorYaeko

Important Season Three Characters: Abby CollinsMr. DankoDitko dispatcherFrackMartin GraySamson GrayDr. LivitzRobert MaldenJim McCannThe PresidentSamDr. Zimmerman

Important Graphic Novel Characters: Gael CruzLloyd CollinsTom DrakeSean FallonJoseph GallagherSabine HazelPenny LoganKimiko NakamuraDevin PattersonEric Thompson

Important Characters In All Seasons: Lyle BennetNoah BennetSandra BennetKaito Nakamura


Produces a horizontal TOC for use on User:Laughingdevilboy/non-evolved humans.