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Important Season One Characters: Simone DeveauxAudrey HansonBrody MitchumJanice ParkmanHeidi PetrelliFuture MohinderMr. ThompsonJackie WilcoxZach

Important Season Two Characters: Susan AmmanCaitlinDamon DawsonNana DawsonHarry FletcherPaula GrambleDebbie MarshallVictoria PrattIvan SpektorYaeko

Important Season Three Characters: Abby CollinsMr. DankoDitko dispatcherFrackMartin GraySamson GrayDr. LivitzRobert MaldenJim McCannThe PresidentSamDr. Zimmerman

Important Graphic Novel Characters: Gael CruzLloyd CollinsTom DrakeSean FallonJoseph GallagherSabine HazelPenny LoganKimiko NakamuraDevin PattersonEric Thompson

Important Characters In All Seasons: Lyle BennetNoah BennetSandra BennetKaito Nakamura

This page will contain information on important non-evolved humans from both episodes and graphic novels.

Important Season One Characters

Simone Deveaux

Simone Deveaux was Charles's daughter, she dated Isaac Mendez but also dated Peter Petrelli for a short time. She was the one who supplied Linderman with Isaac's precognitive Paintings. She was shot as a result of Peter and Isaac fighting over her because of this the company got involved and took him under their wing.

Audrey Hanson

Audrey is a police women who tracked Sylar's murders. After Matt heard Molly's thoughts Audrey was assisted by Matt to protect Molly. Audrey also captured Ted Sprague who she thought was Sylar, but again with Matt's help discovered he was not. Sh tracked Sylar to New York where she found Ted's decapitated remains.

Brody Mitchum

When Brody tried to rape Claire it resulted in Claire's death when a tree branch was lodged in her head. When the branch was removed she healed and decided to get revenge by attempting to kill him by driving her car into a wall.

Janice Parkman

Janice was married to Matt Parkman and was the first person he really tried to read their thoughts. Until he found out she had an affair he used his ability to satisfy Janice like never before.

Heidi Petrelli

Heidi was married to Nathan Petrelli and was paralyzed due to an accident in which Nathan's ability manifested. He felt guilty ever since, this drove him to be a great lawyer. She also helped his political career.

Future Mohinder

Mohinder in this future is trying to cure evolved humans.

Mr. Thompson

Thompson is the boss of Noah Bennet, he paired Noah with Claude. He was shot by Noah in order to protect his family.

Jackie Wilcox

Jackie Wilcox was a friend of Claire until Claire was too worried about her ability and made friends with Zach. Jackie took the glory after Claire pulled a man out of a train wreck this proved to be her downfall as Sylar mistook her for Claire and killed her. If he hadn't Claire's ability would have been taken and the explosion future would have happened.


Zach was friends with Claire until she became a cheerleader, however when she manifest her ability she confided in Zach and allowed him to film her trying to kill herself.

Important Season Two Characters

Susan Amman

Susan Amman was a company founder, without her help the company would not of been started.


Caitlin gives Peter the drive to stop the virus when he loses her in the future.

Damon Dawson

Damon Dawson steels Micha's bag, because of this Monica goes looking for it and in turn Niki dies in an explosion.

Nana Dawson

Nana Dawson takes in Micah with the help of Monica.

Harry Fletcher

Harry Fletcher was a company founder, without his help the company would not of been started.

Paula Gramble

Paula Gramble was a company founder, without her help the company would not of been started.

Debbie Marshall

Debbie is a cheerleader at Claire's school. Debbie was mean to people in the school and Claire and West plan a prank on her. This has repercussions and leads to Debbie being suspended from the cheer leading squad, this shows Claire using her powers for bad.

Victoria Pratt

Victoria Pratt was a company founder, without her help the company would not of been started. Also she was the only person who new where the shanti virus was hidden, if Peter and Adam hadn't of found her the formula would not have been released in the future. She was also the one who created the virus.

Ivan Spektor

Ivan is a member of the company who work's in the Ukraine, he helps train Noah Bennet. He also tells Noah where the missing paintings from Isaac Mendez were hidden.


Adam Monroe as Takezo Kensei falls in love with Yaeko however at the same time Hiro Nakamura also falls in love with her. When Adam catches Hiro kissing Yaeko it makes Adam into a bad person out for revenge for 400 years.

Important Season Three Characters

Abby Collins

Mr. Danko

Ditko dispatcher


Martin Gray

Samson Gray

Dr. Livitz

Robert Malden

Jim McCann

The President


Dr. Zimmerman

Important Graphic Novel Characters

Gael Cruz

Lloyd Collins

Tom Drake

Sean Fallon

Joseph Gallagher

Sabine Hazel

Penny Logan

Devin Patterson

Eric Thompson

Important Characters In All Seasons

Lyle Bennet

Lyle is Claires adopted brother, though he isnt exactly important to the plot he has appeared quite often.

Noah Bennet

Noah Bennet is probably the most important non-evolved human in Heroes. He took Claire in when Kaito gave her to him, when he became attached he has done his best to keep her safe. This has meant he makes his decisions to do with Claire irrationally and also makes him vulnerable. He worked with the company for nearly 30 years under the supervsion of Angela. He is now help Nathan round up those with abilities.

Sandra Bennet

Kaito Nakamura

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