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Realization shovel hit 1.jpg
Hiro fails to capture Usutu for a third time.

Over the course of Heroes many people have tried, but failed to do something.

Character Occurences

Character Character Occurences
Peter Petrelli When trying to prove to Nathan that he can fly, Peter jumps of a building, and then fails to fly, leaving it to Nathan to save him. (Genesis)

Peter repeatedly tries to fly (or at least levitate) while at a playground, only to crash to the ground each time. (One Giant Leap)

Peter fails to convince Mohinder that time had been stopped and that he had been told to "Save the Cheerleader", by a japanese guy from the future. (Hiros)

Peter and Isaac use, Isaac's paintings to look for a clue as to the girl's identity. They fail to do so when Isaac realises that Simone has the last painting. (Better Halves)

Peter tries to hold Sylar off while Claire escapes. Sylar telekinetically rips doors off of nearby lockers and hurls them at Peter, who follows Claire out onto the stone bleachers. Peter tells Claire to get to the stadium because Sylar doesn't want to be seen. After Claire leaves, Peter and Sylar struggle at the top of the bleachers, and both men fall off the back of the bleachers to the ground below. Claire returns to find Peter regenerating his wounds, resetting his broken bones. He sends her away for help, and the police arrive. Seeing him apparently unhurt and covered in blood, they arrest him. (Homecoming)

On a street in Manhattan, Peter tries to convince the man, Claude, to teach him to control his power so he won't destroy the city. Claude refuses; as he walks away, he becomes invisible to Peter, and Peter becomes visible to people on the sidewalk. (The Fix)

Peter continues to work with Claude to learn to control his powers. Claude says Peter needs to learn to hang on to a power that he is duplicating, so he steals a purse from a lady standing on the street, hands it to Peter, and then leaves; Peter quickly becomes visible. Later, he suddenly starts frenetically duplicating many powers at once, including Isaac's precognition, causing him to see visions of himself exploding again, which he fails to control. (Distractions)

As Sylar begins to use telekinesis to cut into Peter's head, the wound instantly heals, surprising Sylar. Peter retaliates with his own telekinesis, throwing Sylar across Mohinder's apartment and into a cupboard. The impact briefly stuns Sylar, causing him to drop both Peter and Mohinder. As Sylar recovers, Peter turns invisible, but Sylar sprays the room with shards of glass, stabbing Peter in the back of his head. Unable to heal this wound, Peter falls to the ground. (Parasite)

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