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Isaac Mendez

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Isaac Mendez
Portrayed by Santiago Cabrera
First appearance Genesis
In-story stats
Known ability Precognition
Age 28
Date of birth 1978
Date of death November 2006
Home New York, NY
Residence Artist's loft in Lower Manhattan
Occupations Artist, Author
Significant other formerly Simone Deveaux (deceased)
Parent Carlos Mendez (deceased)
Other relatives Burk (uncle)

Isaac Mendez was an artist and comic book author living in Manhattan. He had a loft studio in Lower Manhattan. His art dealer and former girlfriend was Simone Deveaux. Isaac was addicted to heroin, although he had been through rehab twice. Many of his works of art are prophetic, accurately depicting events of the future. After he predicted his own death, Isaac was murdered by Sylar.


Urged on by his instructor, Dominick Cabalo, Isaac honed his art skills and took various summer classes to help develop his craft. It wasn't until high school when he began winning illustration contests. With even more classes in illustration and comic design courses under his belt, Isaac moved to New York and soon after high school took various courses in college for comic book illustration. It wasn't until the annual New York comic convention that he caught the eye of Camacho Comics and they hired him on the spot. He worked there for 3 years, all the while learning the ins and outs of the business. Then in 2002 he self-published his own line of comics under his old uncle Burk's name--one of the few people in his life who supported his love of comic books. (9th Wonders!, Issue #14)

Character History

Season One

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Isaac Mendez: Season One History.

Isaac uses his power for the first time without heroin.

Isaac discovers that whenever he paints while high on heroin, his paintings come true, which terrifies him enough to break up with Simone Deveaux, his girlfriend. When she brings Peter Petrelli to help him with his addiction, Isaac is found barely conscious, and a picture of a nuclear explosion in New York is painted on the floor. With Peter's help, who turned out to be able to do the same thing as Isaac, he finds a pattern in his paintings and figures out that saving a cheerleader is vital to prevent the explosion. Eden McCain comes and takes Isaac to Primatech Paper Co., where he meets with Mr. Bennet, the cheerleader's father, who tells him there's a serial killer called Sylar on loose, and that he will be after his daughter. Bennet says they will help Isaac to fight his heroin addiction, but he must help them stop Sylar first. However, Isaac cannot paint anything which could help Bennet with his goal - instead, he paints more of the explosion to come.

When he fully recovers from his drug addiction, Isaac leaves the Company's building and receives a call from Hiro Nakamura. When they meet, he learns of Hiro's friend's death by Sylar's hand and realizes he doesn't need drugs to paint the future anymore. When they return to Isaac's loft, they encounter Simone and Nathan Petrelli, and Isaac is told that Peter could be the source of the explosion. He attempts to paint Peter again and again, but is unaware that he is present on all of his paintings - he just cannot be seen. He has a moment with Simone, but unknown to them, Peter is watching. When Isaac paints a half-invisible Peter, he calls Mr. Bennet, who gives him a gun to fight Peter if needed. Soon, Peter arrives, driven by jealousy and anger for Isaac telling Bennet about him. The two face off and Simone is accidentally killed during the fight. Out of grief, Isaac reverts to his drug addiction and paints himself dead, with the top of his head removed. Later, Sylar comes after Isaac's power and kills him exactly as he had painted.


Noah Bennet shows Sandra one of Isaac's paintings, a depiction of Kaito Nakamura's death. Noah states that there are seven others, but does not know where they are.


Mohinder Suresh arrives at Isaac's loft, and is surprised to find out that Isaac has been killed by Sylar. Later, Mohinder discovers the eighth painting in a series of eight.


Sylar looks at the painting on the floor of Isaac's loft and tells Mohinder that he killed Isaac on that very spot.

Graphic Novel:Career Choices

Thompson, Jr. tells Donna that the painting in her file is by Isaac Mendez, who could see the future.

The Eclipse, Part 2

Sam tells Matt, Daphne and Ando that Isaac gave his last 9th Wonders! story to a bike messenger.

Our Father

After some initial difficulty, Matt, Daphne and Ando locate Isaac's last 9th Wonders! story. The story starts with a sketch of Hiro with a caption that says "Hiro Nakamura: Lost in Time". The sketch after that shows Claire on the roof of the Deveaux Building, looking over the city. Later on, Matt and the others find a sketch in the book that shows Hiro clinging to a flagpole.

Trust and Blood

Mohinder tells Peter that Matt has Isaac's gift, and shows him the drawings he has made with it.

Graphic Novel:The Natural Order of Things

Isaac is remembered as a victim of Sylar's.

Once Upon a Time in Texas

Noah asks Isaac for helping finding Sylar.

Noah is getting a call and gets to hear that Isaac has made new paintings. When Noah is talking to him he gets to hear that the little girl that he has painted is Noah's daughter. Then Noah explains to him that he is not the only person with special abilities and that there is also someone who is assassinating them one by one. Isaac asks why Noah doesn't stop him if he knows who it is. Noah replies by saying that nobody knows how he looks, and that Isaac can help him with that.


In Hiro's dream, Sylar counts off the people that he killed, mentioning Isaac as one of them.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 5

One of the Primatech files that Quentin Frady sees on the Renautas root directory is titled "Mendez Paintings".

Game Over

Emily and Tommy find a 9th Wonders! comic book and Tommy claims that there is a legend that the author of these comic books was an evo and that the events in them actually came true.

Send in the Clones

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Heroes Evolutions

Saving Charlie

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Evolved Human Abilities

Isaac has the ability to "paint the future".

When Isaac is in a trance, he seems to be actually perceiving the future. His eyes become milky white and he sees the future events visually as if he's present. He also seems to have little awareness for sounds around him.

It's also worth noting that 9th Wonders! might depict present or past events in addition to future events. Since Issue #14 was released in the future timeline, and since Simone mentioned that the comic was late in the present, then it's possible that the events depicting Hiro before his journey to New York and after his return to the present occurred before or as Isaac drew them. This potentially means that his ability includes present-time or past clairvoyance in addition to precognition.

Isaac also paints a picture of Peter standing in his room, seemingly the same time Peter becomes visible behind him (Unexpected). This may indicate that Isaac is able to paint present events as well. However, Isaac could have merely painted the event a few seconds before it happened.

Initially, Isaac had only painted future events while high on heroin. After going through rehabilitation under Eden's care, and with encouragement from Hiro and Ando, Isaac finally succeeded in painting (and sketching) events without the heroin, but with intense concentration instead. However, after Simone's accidental death, Isaac relapsed.

While the events portrayed in Isaac's paintings appeared to be random at first, Isaac has begun to show the ability to focus his paintings on a particular person. (Distractions)

According to the 9th Wonders! comics, Isaac's power may include some form of translation of foreign languages.

Heroes Reborn App

Prior to Heroes Reborn starting, an app was released with a video summary of Isaac's history. The summary included:


  • Art supplies--used to produce paintings
  • Gun--given to Isaac by Mr. Bennet; used to accidentally shoot and kill Simone
  • Heroin--initially used by Isaac to access his powers
  • Paintings--the product of Isaac's prophetic visions
  • Primatech security keycard--given to Isaac by Eden McCain; presumably used to leave Primatech Paper Co.

Memorable Quotes

"This city took me in. Everything important that ever happened to me happened here. Good. Bad. You. And now it's all gonna be destroyed because I can't stop it."

- to Simone Deveaux (Distractions)

"It's all right. I finally know my part in all this--to die, here, with you--but not before I show them how to kill you and stop the bomb. I finally get to be a hero."

- to Sylar (.07%)



  • Isaac lived at 215 Reed Street, Apartment 7, New York, NY 10010 (Genesis).
  • In early versions of the script Isaac's name was originally Diego Medina and Isaac Borolo.
  • In the blog post "Mudslide", Hiro compares Isaac to Boingo from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, who is a character who can predict the future using a comic book.

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Fan Theories

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