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[[Category:Fan Powers]]

Ability to: manipulate the elements

Elemental manipulation is the ability to manipulation any element.


All the elements and their components can be manipulated but the extent of it depends on the person. See the Body and Mind Section below.

  • Water (ice, snow, mist, fog)
  • Fire (smoke, lightning)
  • Earth (mud, dirt, sand, wood, crystal)
  • Metal (could be considered a part of earth)
  • Wind (breath)
  • Aether (air, space, cosmos)

Body and Mind

Elemental manipulation has a huge connection with the body and mind. Too manipulate a large amount of an element there has to be a lot of body strength. To manipulate an element from a distance it has to do more with mind power. Someone with larger body power than mind power will be able to manipulate a larger amount an element but from a short distance. It's the same more someone with larger mind power than body power.


The person with this ability cannot generate the elements. To manipulate an element, it has to be in a certain range depending on the strength of the person who poses it. A very strong person would be able to manipulate elements in a hundred mile radius whereas a weaker person would only have a range of a hundred feet. It is possible to have a limited amount of an element and expand it into a larger amount.


There are no known characters with this ability.


There are other abilities that are a sub section of this one. Known characters have the ability to manipulated one ability but it is yet known if they can expand beyond theirs and into the others.