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User:Lost Memoirs/Abilities/Atomic mimicry

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Atomic mimicry
Jaden becomes one with liquid nitrogen.
Held by: Jaden Silas
Ability to: Mimic the atomic structure of any material.

Atomic mimicry is the ability to mimic the properties of any substance one touches.


Jaden Silas possesses this ability.


The user is immune to the normally ill effects that the elements would have on normal humans. An example of this is how Jaden never has any ill effects from the mercury he mimics.

Jaden Silas

So far, Jaden has displayed the properties of:

  • Steel from bar patron’s knife.
  • Liquid nitrogen from science class.


<gallery> Image:Cheapfreezingimitation.JPG|Jaden channels liquid nitrogen in order to freeze matter. <gallery>