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Jaden Silas
First appearance Lost Memoirs
In-story stats
Known ability Atomic mimicry
Nickname Psilaq
Age 22
Date of birth 1986
Place of birth Indianapolis, IN

Jaden Silas is an old friend of Gabriel Bishop.

Character History

Jaden met Gabriel Bishop when he was 12 years old. Ever since, they have been good friends. At his 21st birthday party, Jaden discovered his ability when a man in the bar attempted to stab him. He noticed that the knife could not penetrate his skin. He ripped open his shirt to see that he had actually become part of the knife. A few seconds later, the blade of the knife was suddenly absorbed into the metallic part of Jaden's chest.

Evolved Human Abilities

Jaden is able to mimic the atomic structure and state of anything. His ability appears to be effective in mimicking matter based abilities such as pyrokinesis.


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