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Hello, I'm MIDAS.

My name is inspired by Bob's password. Also played the character King Midas in a play when i was younger so i thought it was apt.

User pages

User:MIDAS/Suspension of disbelief - Needs a lot of work, bit unsure of it at the moment, would like help in making it good enough for page material. Inspired by a fan page called 'pinch of salt' I think it was. User:MIDAS/Manifestations - Page i searched for quite a few times and thought would be useful. Going quite well, giving me good practice on adding images and making pages look better. Hope it too can one day be an actual page.

Pages I hope to make

Wasted potential - understandably a one sided page that will probably never be made official but one i would quite like to see completed. Fan beliefs- once again, maybe one day could be added to fan creations. Last words- Definitely one i would like to do. Easy to do and lots of examples. Real life parallels - Nathan/Hitler, Sylar/Zodiac Killer, Posthumans/Terrorists. Quite an interesting idea I think. 'Save the world' - Many of our heroes save the world, usually at the end of the series. Just wanted to round it up.

Things people need to consider about ability names

  • -kinesis does not mean manipulation, it means movement. Telekinesis is not the ability to manipulate minds, it is the ability to move things with the mind. Terrakinesis is the ability to move earth, nothing more. Pyrokinesis is the exception, but it is used because it is a common name for the ability and has been seen on assignment tracker. So things like psammokinesis for Gordon's ability and cryokinesis for James and Tracy's is not right at all.
  • -pathy can not be used for anything other than communication. Telepathy is the ability to communicate with the mind, technopathy, technology. So adding pathy to the end of any ability that doesn't simply involve communication is wrong.
  • -mimicry means to act like something. Sand mimicry for Gordon Hovey is wrong because he also converts someone into it. Gold mimicry for Little Miss Goldenrod is correct.
  • Dismissing an ability name from an episode or interview (with the writers) because it is 'off the cuff' is not correct. Any name for the ability that can be sourced should be. This is why calling David's ability 'Super Rabies' while silly sounding, is what we should do.
  • Any name we can think of that is commonly used surpasses soandso's ability. This is why naming Alejandro's ability Poison Emission Prevention, Suppression, or Absorption is acceptable within our naming convention.
  • Just because it wasn't directly said in the episode doesn't mean it can't be used. This is why we briefly named Emma's ability Siren's song, and permanently name Healing this. Life and Death, or Life force manipulation is fine for healing touch if we don't like that name, because Noah said both.