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Suspension of disbelief

Suspension of disbelief is a phrase used to describe a situation in fiction that requires the audience to purposely be ignorant for it to make decent sense. It also sometimes requires the audience to make up their own solution to an error. Given the nature of Heroes, a show which involves time travel, flashbacks and powers which need to be consistently portrayed realistically, sometimes this occurs. It is also known as taking something with a pinch of salt.



The audience are expected to believe that Mohinder was able to fly to America, join a cab service and rent out Chandra's apartment in the space of a few days. There are also lots of contradictory statements made about the eclipse.

Graphic Novel:Viewpoints

For some reason, all of Sylar's victims from the Company happen to be on the same wall, despite the fact they are not in any kind of order. Surely Bob would be in a different section to, as Matt puts it in Landslide, the 'schlubs' of the Company.

Memorable Quotes

"You really think I'm that kind of stupid, doc?"

"Honestly, I did."

- Flint, Mohinder (The Eclipse, Part 2)

"Did you teleport?"

"No, I took the bus"

- Ando, Hiro (Six Months Ago)


  • Many of these phenomenon are caused in auxiliary episodes, for example, Angela and Nathan claim in One Giant Leap that Arthur committed suicide, however, it is obvious this is not the case to Nathan in Villains, a much later episode.

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