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"I don't have one"
Nicknames "Joe, Manco, and Blondie"
Powers "Kinetic Projection"
Alias "The Stranger"
Age "Don't like to talk about that"
Date of birth "Hint"
Home "I'm homesick"
Occupation "Bounty Hunter"
Favorite Heroes quote "Brother vs Brother. Almost Biblical"
Favorite quote "He who has overcome his fears will truly be free"
Favorite color "Black and Red"
Favorite episode "Five years gone, Cautionary Tales and Our Father"
Favorite graphic novel "War Buddies, all of it"
Favorite actor "David Hayter (he is an actually voice actor)"
Favorite actress "Sarah Michelle Gellar"
Favorite Heroes actor "Zachary Quinto"
Favorite Heroes actress "Kristen Bell"
Favorite character "Sylar and Red Eyes"
Least favorite character "Micah (too goody-shoes for me)"
Favorite power "Aura Absorption"
Favorite impersonator "Solid Snake"
Favorite fruit "No special fruit for me"
Favorite sport "Not much for sport"
Favorite magazine "Not much of a reader"

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