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Recruits, welcome to The Company.

Please refer to this handbook for all the information concerning your role as: Agent

Director of Recruitment and Training. Noah Bennet

What We Do

The Company is a government branch with unlimited resources and deniability, dedicated to helping evolved humans deal with their special abilities. This means tracking all evolved humans and holding ones deemed dangerous to society (see "Most Wanted" below). This is for both the public's and their own protection. Non-dangerous evolved humans will remain free but will be kept under surveillance. All non-dangerous evolved humans will be helped to understand and control their abilities.

Where We Are Based

Currently, The Company has three facilities; Odessa, Texas (code name: Primatech Paper); New York, New York, (code name: Kirby Plaza Building); Washington, DC (code name: Building 26). We are still to obtain a permanent headquarters. This site will possibly be based in Hartsdale, New York on the grounds of the previous facility (code name: Primatech Reasearch) before its destruction.

Company History

The 12 Company Founders

The Company was founded in 1977. It was set up by 12 individuals, brought together by visionary Adam Monroe, to help protect evolved humans from those who would harm them. These people were: Susan Amman, Robert Bishob, Charles Deveaux, Harry Fletcher, Paula Gramble, Daniel Linderman, Carlos Mendez, Kaito Nakamura, Maury Parkman, Angela Petrelli, Arthur Petrelli and Victoria Pratt. Sadly, all but Angela Petrelli are deceased.

The Company was closed down after the destruction of the Hartsdale facility in favour of a government operation lead by Nathan Petrelli, son of founders Angela and Arthur Petrelli. After this operation failed, the US Government agreed to deniability and resources to keep control of evolved humans. Long time Agent Noah Bennet was hired as Director of the new Company.

Chain of Command

Noah Bennet

Director of Operations

Noah Bennet Noah Bennet has been a loyal Agent to the Company since 1991 and has since been promoted to Director of Operations. His knowledge of evolved humans is vastly superior to most others (including evolved humans themselves).

High Ranking Officials

The Company is still in its early stages as it is set up, but will be looking to fill several positions including:

  • Feild Managers
    • This job entails making sure Agents are performing to their best standards and regulating working hours, as well as looking after paperwork.
  • Trainers
    • This job entails training new agents (both evolved and non-evolved) in the procedures of The Company and in stressful situations. It also includes monitoring yearly aptitude tests.
  • Agents
    • Agents are partnered in twos, (see "Agents' Guidlines" below) and are given assignments to bring in evolved humans (and possibly evolved humans) for examination.
  • Second-in-commands
    • This job entails the recruitment and debriefing of new agents, as well as informing evolved humans of their abilities and The Company's objectives.
  • Head of Operations
    • Head of Operations will be needed to travel to many parts of the world on a regular basis using The Company's private jet fleet. They will have the same responsibilities as a Feild Manager and Second-in-command as well as taking on the roll of agent. While there they will be given assignments to investigate tips on evolved humans and also look for possible recruits.

Tracking Systems

There were two standard tracking systems which we used, both of which are now non-functional. The first was a satellite system used to track radioactive isotopes injected into the user's body, but this has since been decommissioned. The second was "The Walker System", an evolved human named Molly Walker. Miss Walker had the ability of Clairvoyance, meaning she could locate any individual in the world by thinking of them. Miss Walker is no longer affiliated with The Company, so we are in search for a replacement. For present, last known whearabouts and government databases are the only way to track these evolved humans. All of our assignment trackers can be found here.

Agents' Guidelines

Noah Bennet partnered with René

"One of us, one of them"

That is The Company's motto. When partnering up feild agents, it is Company policy to have one agent with abilities and one without. This is to ensure the safety of both parties as targets will sometimes use their abilities against agents. Some abilities however, are not beneficial to certain assignments, so other positions may be given to these agents.

Company Standard Issue


It is essential for agents to carry a taser gun and a handgun (Stayer Voigt Infinity 1911 .45 caliber semi-automatics are standard issue) with you on all assignments. Shooting to kill should be a last resort; the aim is to keep targets alive for Company monitoring. However, if a target poses a threat to any agent or the public at large then you must use whatever force deemed necessary. Trainers will give you guidance on these types of judgement.

Always be discreet

It is essential that the public to not know about The Company's operations. Often, evolved humans will draw attention to themselves, especially when feeling threatened. Although the US Government has given The Company deniability, it is your job to ensure any attention is diverted. The same applies to law enforcement officers.

Company Supplies

The Company will supply its agents with all the necessary equipment including standard issue clothing and transportation for their work with The Company. As well as this, Agents also have an expense account for use as they see fit. We provide a generous amount of money so that family members do not become suspicious.

To apply for a job at The Company, please fill in an aptitude test leaving your answers here.