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I would like to wish my fellow users a happy and safe holiday season. The following are known 2021 holidays and observances in the current month of September:
For additional holidays and observances, see Wikipedia's holidays by country category.


  |month=<Optional: full name of desired month; default is current month>
  |year=<Optional: full # of desired year; default is current year>

This article is a mostly dynamic listing of holidays and observances for use on my user page. Those events occurring on days that move on the Gregorian calendar from year to year (due to having a fixed relation to the lunar cycle or other temporal system) are in the subtemplate User:MiamiVolts/Holidays/Moving for easier editing.


  • I originally designed this template for use on current events. However, it was rejected, being deemed unnecessary so I have converted it to a user template instead. Other users are welcome to include it in their userpages as well.
  • For the purpose of debugging, a twelve month output listing for the current year can be found in the sandbox history here.