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James' Necklace
Peter's necklace.jpg
James keeps his necklace close.

First mentioned: The Future Part 2
Owned by: James Connol
Current status: In James' possession

James uses his necklace to see into the future.


The Necklace is a necklace, which shows a possible future. The Necklace's exact age and origins are unknown. The Necklace was used by James in an unused classroom, on the night that he used his Ability Prism for the first time to search the restricted section of the library for information about Shanti Suresh. In his attempt to stay hidden from miss Grace he stumbled upon the classroom. Upon looking into the projection the necklace produced, James saw Jenny Scarlet with her scalp removed. (The Future Part 2).


<gallery> Image:Symbol mysterious mans necklace.jpg|James sees a projection... Image:Sylars victims charlie.jpg|Showing Jenny's death. (The Future Part 2)