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Nickname Mish
Powers Tele-Apathy
Sex Male
Age 32
Date of birth 1975
Home Texas
Occupation Programmer
Favorite Heroes quote "Yatta!!!" - Hiro or "You've gone native." - Noah
Favorite episode Cautionary Tales
Favorite character Sylar
Favorite power Telekinesis

About Me

Hi, I'm Mish. I was born in Texas and Currently reside in Texas. Although I've taken a long path to get back here. I'm a computer programmer for a defense contractor that shall remain nameless and do independent web design on the side. Before that I was in the Army, 10 years, and served in OIF. I am married and my wife, Leslie, and I have 3 children. Descending by age: Hailey, Myla, and Aidan.

I love coming to the Heroes wiki to get all the info from all the sources I have missed. As well as to hear everyones crazy theories.


  • Why Sylar is my favorite character on Heroes.

His ability, while cool, is not the only reason. First and foremost he is portrayed by the very dynamic actor, Zachary Quinto. This lends to Sylar's on screen presence being so detailed and authentic. Also, the writing for his character has kept very much "in-tune" with the reactions you would expect from Gabriel Grey/Sylar. (Some of the other characters have been unlucky in this department.)
Yes, I have enlisted in Sarmy.

  • Other Favorites

Mr. Muggles and Sandra Bennett. The nucleus of CLaire's "oddly normal" family. They keep that storyline grounded and add in some funny moments. In addition to that they, along with other baselines, provide a relative point of comparison for their evolved friends and/or family. In that perspective West's ability to flitter about like Peter Pan is far less gay than it would be if you were comparing it directly to Sylar's abilities.

  • Favorite Quote is an internal debate right now.

Yatta! or "You've gone native!". It's a toss up...really...

Only on the Wiki

This is the place where I bookmark interesting little gems I find laying around the Heroes Wiki.

  • A lengthy, and heated, discussion on the proper grammatical usage of the humble apostrophe to show plural possessive for a proper noun (The Sanders Family).


  • This is my first 'Wiki-speriance' point out anything it looks like I'm missing. It's likely because I'm a newb....(be gentle)


In programming some variables are called Constants. They are always the same thing until intentionally changed. I view Heroes and other shows with a certain set of constants. The only reason I relate these is because many other viewers obviously do not. I believe these assumptions help me and the movie going public at large since without them there would have to be a full lineage drawn out on screen for each of us.

  • When someone is called a son/daughter/brother/mother/etc.. I assume that they are referring to a biological relationship, until told otherwise specifically.
  • Characters whom are subject matter experts are always right, in the context of their subject matter expertise, in the TV show/movie/book. Even if this differs from "Real World" facts. This is usually the writers/creators way of giving us (the viewers/reader) factual information without drawing it out or getting overly technical.
  • The Laws of Nature (Physical Laws) exist and operate as we know them IRL.
  • Things/concepts that don't actually exist IRL, work exactly how the writers/creators/characters of the TV show/movie/book say they do.

Current Plot Theory

Unable to complete due to screenwriters guild strike. Which, if other episodes turn out as bad as Four Months Ago, they can stay on strike and we'll see if the scabs can do better.

Food for Thought

Power Good Evil
Multiple Peter Sylar
Flight Nathan West
Telepathy Matt Maury
Regeneration Claire Adam
Pyrokinetics Meredith Maarten
EDT Hana Drucker

I mean, it COULD be a coincidence....or are they actually running out of ideas for new unique powers? I hope this pans out because I would LOVE to see West go evil. I actually think his personality could go either way right now. Then again that mambi-pambi, Peter Pan, flying is kinda weak for a villain...

Some Quotes
  • Everyone has the right to an opinion. Not everyone has the right to have their opinion heard.