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Tele-Apathy is the ability to not give a shit from far away.


The Hard Part

Hiro used Tele-Apathy on the fate of New York and refused to kill Sylar even when Sylar is unarmed.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Sylar shows an awesome display of Tele-Apathy when he lets Hiro run him through with a katana. Moments after he just used his telekinesis to stop bullets.


When Betty is sitting next to Sylar on the illusory beach, she uses her Tele-Apathy ability to not give a shit that she is sitting next to a known psychopath. She uses it again later just as she is hit in the head with a coffee mug. In the latter example this could be confused with Stupidkinesis.

Fight or Flight

Peter opens the box and finds a photo of his brother but uses Tele-Apathy and ignores the photo. Instead he complains nothing in the box can help him to restore his memory.

Four Months Ago...

  • D.L. Hawkins brings Tele-Apathy to new levels when he uses phasing to prevent being punched by a guy in an LA nightclub. Then when leaving the establishment the same skanky guy confronts him again, this time with a gun. D.L. decides to use his powerful Tele-Apathy abilities instead of using that cliché old phasing again. He shall be missed.
  • At the Montreal wharehouse, either Adam negates Peter's previous use of Tele-Apathy (Fight or Flight) or Peter's previous use of Tele-Apathy wears off. In either case, he then gives enough of a shit to pull out the picture of himself and his brother to help recall his old memories.


  • Several Primatech employees show the power of Tele-Apathy when an unconscious Hiro, stunned by lightning, appears on the floor with Peter and Adam standing over him.


During Exposed when Sandra was making Alex's getaway plan, she asks Lyle for his drivers licence. Instead of driving away to escape being grounded, he handed it to her without any hint of retaliation, and got back to playing his PSP.

Shades of Gray

  • Samson Gray showed an insane amount of Tele-Apathy when his son turned up and had a go at him for abandoning him and killing his mother. He also let this ability slip through when discussing his murderous past. While Sylar has strong views on the Serial Killer Highway Code, Samson has ceased giving a shit. His murderous instincts got the better of his Tele-Apathy though, when he found out Sylar had regeneration.

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Memorable Quotes

  • "You abandonded me and killed my mother!"


Sylar, Samson (Shades of Gray)


  • Apparently Tele-Apathy doesn't count towards the "one power per person" limit placed by the creator/writer.


  • Noah Bennet was the first baseline human to demonstrate Tele-Apathy in season two when he all but ignored the painting of his daughter lying dead on the steps. Instead the first thing he does is call Mohinder to see if he's packin' heat.
  • It must be noted that Lyle Bennet displays this ability on a regular basis. During season one, he saw his sister cry several times, but cared more about getting to the waffles before they went cold. He also displayed the ability when he found out about Claire's ability. Intially wanting to expose her to their parents and put the video on youtube (to make like a million bucks), he changed his mind in a matter of seconds after Claire gave him puppy dog eyes. This may have been the first manifestation of the power, and it's heavily implied that he got it from his father.

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