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Sylar face.jpg
Portrayed by Zachary Quinto,
Maurice LaMarche (voice for Sylar's message),
Joshua Rush (young Gabriel Gray)
In-story stats
Known abilities Intuitive aptitude
Current acquired abilities:
, Sound manipulation,
Formal name Gabriel Gray
Aliases Gabriel Sylar,
Drew O'Grady,
Nathan Petrelli,
Nicknames Boogeyman, Brain Man, Bad Man
Place of birth Brooklyn, New York
Home New York, NY
Occupations Former agent of Pinehearst Company,
former agent of the Company,
former clock/watch restorer
Significant others formerly Elle Bishop (deceased),
formerly Maya Herrera
Parents Samson Gray (father, adoptive uncle),
unnamed mother (deceased)
Adoptive parents:
Martin Gray (adoptive father, biological uncle),
Virginia Gray (adoptive mother, deceased)

Evolved Human Abilities