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User:New Day

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New Day
Portrayed by Tom Austen
Nickname Tom
Powers Puppet master
Aliases Eric Doyle , Jacob
Sex Male
Age 13
Date of birth 06/27/1996
Home My Home
Occupation Student
Favorite episode Homecoming
Favorite graphic novel The Crane
Favorite character Sylar
Least favorite character Claire Bennet
Favorite power Puppet master

Ten Favourite Episodes

Ten Favourite Characters

Eighteen Favourite Ability

<gallery> Image:Powers ted cabin.jpg|18 Induced radioactivity Image:Claude appears.jpg|17. Invisibility Image:The Man with the Golden Gun.jpg|16. Alchemy Image:Sylar haitian eden.jpg|15. Mental manipulation Image:Powers candace sandra.jpg|14. Illusion Image:Powers hiro.jpg|13. Space-time manipulation Image:Powers peter telepathy wheres the virus.jpg|12. Telepathy Image:Miroku.jpg|11. Gravitational manipulation Image:Powers Flint blue pyrokinesis.jpg|10. Pyrokinesis Image:Frozen Reporter.jpg|9. Freezing Image:Regeneration.jpg|8. Rapid cell regeneration Image:0309-elle-ability.jpg|7. Electric manipulation Image:Sylar Clair Surgery.jpg|6. Intuitive aptitude Image:Powers maya hard habit to break.jpg|5.Poison emission Image:Powers flight SOG.JPG|4. Flight Image:Daphne Matt and Ando Run Fast.jpg|3. Super speed Image:Powers peter tk broom.jpg|2. Telekinesis Image:Claire shoots meredith.jpg|1. Puppet master