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These are the credits from Countdown to the Premiere:

                      Sprint presents
                 Countdown to the Premiere
       Executive Producers             Tim Kring
                                       Dennis Hammer
       Executive Producer              Dean McFlicker
       Co-Executive Producer           Marilyn Seabury
       Directed by                     Alan Carter
       Written by                      Dean McFlicker
       Supervising Producer            Carrie Henderson
       Producer                        Tom Boles
       Producer                        Allison Sumner Wolcott
       Lighting Designer               Oscar Dominguez
       Art Director                    Eric Larson
       Graphics                        Ray Bravo
       Line Producer                   Tom Ward
       Production Supervisor           Paula Frank
       Associate Director              Laura Lyons
       Stage Managers                  Gary Natoli
                                       Dave Cove
                                       Roy Friedland
       Production Coordinator          Laurie Brumbach
       Talent Supervisor               Heather Douglas
       Talent Coordinator              Rachel Springman
       Technical Supervisor            Jerry Kaman
       Technical Director              Allan Wells
       Location Manager                Craig Dumont
       Script Coordinators             Sabrina Rufo
                                       Darnell Jones
       Special Thanks                  Jack Coleman
                                       Noah Grey-Cabey
                                       Greg Grunberg
                                       Ali Larter
                                       James Kyson Lee
                                       Malcolm MacDowell
                                       Masi Oka
                                       Hayden Panettiere
                                       Adrian Pasdar
                                       Zachary Quinto
                                       Sendhil Ramamurthy
                                       Dania Ramirez
                                       Cristine Rose
                                       Milo Ventimiglia
       Always HD Cosmopolitan Magazine
       Emmy Magazine
       Courtesy Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
       Emmy Cover Photography by       Moshe Brakha
       Entertainment Weekly
       Geek Monthly
       Getty Images
       Macy's(R) Thanksgiving Day Parade
       NBC News Archives
       "The Kevin & Bean Show" KROQ
       Universal Media Studios

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