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Heroes: Countdown to the Premiere

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Heroes: Countdown to the Premiere
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Heroes: Countdown to the Premiere is a special show that aired on September 22, 2008, prior to the Season Three premiere episodes The Second Coming and The Butterfly Effect. The show was held at the Heroes Season Three Premiere party, and included brief clips from the first two seasons, and from the upcoming third season.

The special was written and produced by Dean McFlicker, and was directed by Alan Carter. For other crew members, see here.



What is it that unites us? The will to evolve past the ordinary? The excitement of a shared experience? Discovering who we want to be? In each of us, the potential to be a hero?

Masi Oka introduces the show and a scene from The Second Coming of Claire and Peter is shown.

Where does this path lead? To know that, we must go back to the beginning.

A montage of clips from past episodes and events is shown, noting media references and Heroes's success across the world.

The Bennets

Jack Coleman fills in the next segment, and introduces a montage of "everyone's favorite cheerleader", Claire Bennet, and his character, Noah Bennet.

Claire Bennet: "It's not easy being a teen cheerleader for Claire Bennet. Like most teens, she's had her share of bumps and bruises. There is one difference between Claire and the other girls; She heals faster than most. Turns out this brand of unique brand of ability runs in the family. Mom. Dad. And Claire has one more trick up her sleeve. Her blood can heal people."
Noah Bennet: "This is Claire's adoptive father. He's a really great dad... when he's not killing people...or kidnapping them...or incarcerating them in creepy inescapable underground cells. There is one more thing you should know about Mr. Bennet. He'll do anything to protect his family."

Hayden Panettiere introduces a sneak peak of Season Three that involves Sylar, Angela, and Bridget Bailey.

Star Trek

After the commercial break, Zachary Quinto welcomes viewers back. He shows a series of clips from the show that have paid tribute to Star Trek.

Mohinder and Niki

Zachary Quinto brings the cameras to a quieter area of the party, where Dania Ramirez is. Dania introduces the next segment, which begins with a montage of Mohinder Suresh.

Mohinder Suresh: "Dr. Mohinder Suresh is a brilliant, yet tortured man. Gifted only with superior brain power and the ability to speak his mind like a poet, he's dedicated his life to completing his father's genetic research. There's only one problem with having the answers--it puts you in kind of high demand. For all his intellect, Mohinder does have a few tiny flaws. He struggles with picking the right friends, he's a little too trusting, and he sometimes bites off more than he can chew."
Niki Sanders: "And then there's Niki. Niki Sanders is a loving and dedicated mother with an average suburban life and everyday worries. Niki's not always quite herself. She's got a dark side to her personality. Lucky for her, that dark side's a psycho killer named Jessica. She's got super strength, zero inhibition, and no remorse. Niki doesn't always approve of Jessica. Then there's Micah. The apple of Niki's eye doesn't fall far from the tree. When we last saw Niki, she was in a bit of a pickle. Something tells me we haven't seen the last of her."

Fans and Heroes Evolutions

Ali Larter takes over and greets the fans in the crowd. She says, "Heroes has some of the greatest fans in the world." A montage of clips from fans plays.

"In celebration of the new season of Heroes, MySpace had a contest to find the biggest Heroes fans in the world."

Jack Coleman introduces the winners of the contest and asks them why they are the greatest fans.

Sendhil Ramamurthy introduces an inside look at how the Company Man scene of Claire regenerating from her house exploding was filmed.

Hayden Panettiere brings the show back from commercial break and introduces a segment showcasing Masi Oka's off camera talents in swordplay. A montage of clips from the show and behind the scenes is shown showcasing Hiro using the Kensei sword.

Masi Oka counts down from three, to which the entire crowd shouts "Yatta!" He points to a television screen and a segment about Heroes Evolutions begins.

"It's more than a TV show. You can do more than just watch the story. You can become part of it, and it starts with a business card. The Heroes Interactive Experience already won an Emmy Award for its world of content beyond TV. Imagine what's to come. New graphic novels and episodes, with innovative backstage commentary, webisodes featuring new heroes that may surprise you as they cross over from your computer screen to your TV screen. Plus, unlock hidden clues by receiving mysterious text messages and email, and you could possibly effect the outcome of the show. On air and online you could become a crucial part of the Heroes saga, a unique experience beyond imagination as technology and storytelling come full circle."

The Petrellis

Cristine Rose, with Milo Ventimiglia and Adrian Pasdar, introduces a segment about Nathan and Peter.

"Meet the Petrelli boys. They're just like normal brothers. They fight, then they kiss and make up. Of course, there are a few differences."
Nathan Petrelli: "Nathan Petrelli. Overachieving older brother. He's an honest politician, most of the time. Faithful husband (that's not his wife), and loving father of two... wait, make that three. Yep, Claire's his daughter. So, he's not perfect, but he always means well. Oh, did we mention? Yeah, he can fly."
Peter Petrelli: "Then there's his younger brother Peter, who even among the special, is special. Basically, he absorbs other peoples' abilities, which means you probably shouldn't mess with him, because he can fly, walk through walls, and hear your thoughts, use telekinesis, has super strength, he can disappear before your eyes, and don't forget, he can time travel, self regenerate, shoot electricity, and he can even paint the future...all with one minor side effect: He almost blew up New York City."
"But luckily, his big brother was there to save the day. Now that's brotherly love. Just for the record, they're not dead. Nathan saved Peter, then Peter saved Nathan. They're all good. Well, except that someone shot Nathan, but we'll get to that later."

James Kyson Lee advertises the Heroes Season Two DVD and shows a behind the scenes clip from the DVD that shows how the scene of Peter and Nathan from the end of How To Stop An Exploding Man was filmed.

Jack Coleman welcomes viewers back and introduces some international fans.

Matt and Hiro

Ali Larter shows a segment that showcases two characters who seem more ordinary than others, Matt and Hiro.

Matt Parkman: "Matt Parkman is an average guy with a most extraordinary power, but some things are better left unsaid. Oh, didn't need to hear that. Thankfully, he tracked down his nurturing father, and Matt has figured out that a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Now this everyman will use his gift to become a hero."
Hiro Nakamura: "When we first met Hiro Nakamura, he too was anything but extraordinary. A common worker at his father's company. Nothing special about him. Well, except for one thing. But time travel has it's can wind up stuck in seventeenth century Japan in the middle of a love triangle with a man who will wind up your sworn enemy. And pay he did. Now Hiro will face his biggest challenge yet: a nemesis who moves almost as fast as he does."

Adrian Pasdar and Milo Ventimiglia, still inside while the press is outside, show a behind the scenes clip of how Hiro's ability is filmed.

Sendhil Ramamurthy, with James Kyson Lee, shows another Season Three sneak peak that shows Elle, Noah, and Sylar from The Butterfly Effect.


Dania Ramirez and Zachary Quinto discuss good and evil. Zachary says that Sylar was held on a Level Two cell, noting the dangers that must be on Level Five. They show a segment of possible villains, including Sylar, Elle Bishop, Adam Monroe, Daniel Linderman, Maya Herrera, and Angela Petrelli.

"We all love our heroes, but without this group of individuals, heroes would not be necessary. They are the villains. Some are just confused, others, we're not sure. A few are just pure evil. None more than Gabriel Gray."
Sylar: "Right, sorry. Sylar. He kills without mercy and without any remorse. Heck, he even killed his own mother. Seriously. But mainly, he kills to steal people's abilities, and there is one specifically he can't wait to get a hold of."
Elle Bishop: "Meet Elle. She may look innocent, but she's got some issues. They say looks can kill, but this girl's secret will shock you."
Adam Monroe: "Then there's Adam Monroe. Guy's got a bad attitude. Of course, if you held a grudge for four hundred years, you might too. Still, that's no excuse to try to wipe out the planet with a deadly virus."
Daniel Linderman: "But first there was Mr. Linderman. He had the ability to heal, but also the crazy idea of blowing up New York City. Don't worry, he got what was coming to him... or did he?"
Maya Herrera: "Of course, there are a couple of people who may or may not be villains. Like Maya. Yeah, she kills people, but she doesn't mean to."
Angela Petrelli: "Or Angela Petrelli. I'm not sure what it is but something is not quite right about her."
"And let's not forget the people locked up on Level Five."

Create Your Hero

Noah Gray-Cabey introduces the "Create Your Hero" part of Heroes Evolutions and tells the views that it's up to them to choose between Audrey and Santiago.

"Last fall, over one million people joined together to evolve two new heroes. Now, Sprint gives you the power to choose who will star in a new, online, live-action series."
"Audrey wanted a normal life, but she was too busy for normal--caring for her sick mother, running the family bakery, going to school. She was drowning until one day she discovered she had the power...the power to effect the here and now by slowing others down, or speeding them up. Will you choose Audrey to be the next great hero?"
"Across the globe, Santiago wanted to be anything but normal. His faith told him he had a destiny to be great--someone his mother could be proud of. Working as a mechanic, his desire built up inside of him like a fire, until one day the fire was released, and with it the power of accelerated probability--the ability to see it all, anticipate every possibility right now, and harness his power to succeed."
"Now, text 'Heroes' to 62288 on your Sprint phone to choose between Audrey or Santiago, or go online to to vote. Create Your Hero, presented by Sprint."

Ali Larter shows another Season Three sneak peak, showing Claire recording herself from The Butterfly Effect.

Masi Oka returns for the final few minutes before the show starts, and plays a clip showcasing special effects on Heroes.

Who Shot Nathan Petrelli?

Zachary Quinto shows a clip that speculates "Who shot Nathan?"

"Last season, the chapter ended with a question, and that question remains: 'Who Shot Nathan Petrelli?' Someone had the motive, the desire, and what it takes to pull the trigger. After months of investigating, we've narrowed it down to this list of suspects:
  • Noah Bennet, known killer. Maybe shooting Nathan was part of his deal to keep his family safe?
  • Adam Monroe, known killer. Although being buried alive is a pretty good alibi.
  • Niki Sanders? No way. Her psychotic alter-ego Jessica? Now we're talking.
  • How about Angela Petrelli, his mother? It's not like she's in the running for Mother of the Year.
  • Mohinder Suresh, friend. Has been a little trigger happy lately.
  • Claire Bennet, his illegitimate daughter. She could have abandonment issues, and she certainly does have a temper.
  • That leads us to everyone's favorite bad guy--Sylar. He's more than capable, but when he kills, there's usually no mystery over who did it.
"Of course, there's always the possibility of an unknown assassin. A new villain. Who's the shooter? Is Nathan alive? All of these questions and more are about to be answered."

Hayden Panettiere closes the show and thanks the fans, and The Second Coming begins after a countdown from five.


  • The show was referred to as the Season Three Clip Show by some media outlets such as TV Guide and Zap2It, Heroes: Countdown to the Premiere by TiVo and, and Ep. 300: The Heroes Premiere Party by NBC Video Rewind.
  • Although the show aired on September 22, 2008, the Season Three Premiere Party actually occurred on September 7, 2008, at the Edison Lounge in Los Angeles, CA.
  • All montages are narrated by Phil Terrence, the regular voice-over artist for Heroes.
  • During the Fans segment, Heroes Wiki user Riddler had two clips featured, amongst other Heroes fans. Some of the fans can be found on YouTube, such as Riddler, Jellomnkey, and Musicboxobsessions.

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