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Chandra chennai bennets glasses.jpg
Those glasses are just in my style.
Portrayed by Me?
Nickname Ravie
Powers Intuitive aptitude, I guess.
Alias Elvawen Ashall
Sex Female
Age Younger than you (probably)
Occupation Poet
Favorite Heroes quote "I'm not a cargo jet, Parkman."
Favorite color Green and black
Favorite episode Fight or Flight, Parasite
Favorite character The German, Noah Bennet
Least favorite character Maya
Favorite power Motherfudging Puppet master! The most awesome power EVAR!

About Me

I'm quite a boring person, really. I read books and I wear glasses, so that by definition makes me boring.

I'm from Poland - a very far far away place in Europe, next to Germany (get it? next to Germany. hee.). If you want to ask me where it is, why is it so far away, do we have television, do polar bears run in the streets, or simply how do I know what Heroes is and how I can watch episodes so far away from NBC or Global (because our dear TVP aired only one season of Heroes) - ask in my talk page.

Oh yes, and I have The Symbol drawn all over my notebooks. And I draw Cthulhu there, also. Cthulhu fhtagn.

Did you know?

  • I'm left-handed.
  • My favourite character is definitely Noah Bennet. Oh, I shouldn't have doubted you, Noah! Never!
  • Poland is far far away.
  • Syhindlar is my favourite shipping. It's One True Pairing, man.
  • Ś, Ć, Ą, Ę, Ó, Ń, Ż, Ź, Ł - these are very nice letters.
  • I love Caturdays.

My favourite pics