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Fan Creation:Syhindlar

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Sylar + Mohinder = ♥ 4ever

"Syhindlar" is a fan-created word coined to describe the relationship between the two characters Sylar and Mohinder Suresh. Their relationship has also been referred to as "Mylar."



At his apartment, Mohinder attempts to contact several people from the list, but is unable to get anyone to believe him. However, on his answering machine is a return call from one of the people he tried to contact: Zane Taylor. Mohinder heads to Zane Taylor's home in Virginia Beach.

Sylar arrives at Zane Taylor's home while Zane is waiting for Mohinder Suresh. He claims to be Suresh and asks Zane to demonstrate his ability.

When Mohinder arrives, Sylar introduces himself as Zane and displays his power by melting various objects. Mohinder asks for a DNA sample, and Sylar heads into the other room to make tea. Sylar swabs Zane's corpse's mouth and returns with the sample. Mohinder tells Sylar about the list, and Sylar volunteers to come with him and help him contact the others.


Sylar and Mohinder travel to Bozeman, MT, to meet Dale Smither. Sylar demonstrates his newest power to help convince Dale that undergoing testing would be a good idea. As she talks about her power, she hears Sylar's heartbeat quicken. That night, Sylar and Mohinder go to a motel, and they discuss the possibility of inhibiting the powers of evolved humans. Sylar asks Mohinder about the man who killed Chandra.

During the night, Sylar kills Dale and steals her power. When Sylar and Mohinder arrive the next morning, they find Dale's brainless corpse.


Sylar and Mohinder travel back to Mohinder's apartment in Brooklyn. They continue to talk about the list, Chandra's research, and other evolved humans. Sylar tells Mohinder that he seems tired and should go lie down--Sylar will take over some of the phone calls. Mohinder makes Sylar a cup of chai, but poisons it, and tells Sylar he is aware of his true identity. The two have a standoff--Mohinder shoots Sylar, but Sylar telekinetically overpowers Mohinder. Sylar beats Mohinder and pins him to the ceiling.


When Peter arrives looking for Mohinder, Sylar attacks him and tries slicing open his head. When his wound regenerates, Peter telekenetically slams him against a glass-fronted bookcase, and with Sylar's concentration gone Mohinder falls to the floor.

Peter turns invisible, but Sylar telekenetically lifts the shards of glass and hurls them across the room, and one hits Peter in the head, 'killing' him. Sylar goes to take Peter's brain, but Mohinder knocks him out with the board containing the map.

Five Years Gone

Five years later in a possible future, Sylar is posing as Nathan Petrelli, who is the President of the United States. Mohinder is his Chief Medical Advisor. Despite their occasional spats, they work closely together on the issue of evolved humans.

The Hard Part

Sylar calls Mohinder on the phone and confides in him. Sylar expresses regret and fear, fearing he will blow up the city, and wants Mohinder to help. When he hears Mohinder calling what he thinks is the police, he hangs up.

Truth & Consequences

Mohinder receives a call on his cell phone from his own apartment. It is Sylar, and he tells Mohinder that he's brought someone who needs his help. Sylar tells Mohinder that he, too, needs Mohinder's help and promises to see him soon.


Mohinder arrives at his apartment, where Sylar has had Maya cook them breakfast. Sylar explains his dilemma, and when Mohinder learns that Sylar no longer has his powers, he attacks him with a knife only to have Sylar pull a gun on him. Maya nearly kills them all, and faced with a frightened Molly, Mohinder agrees to help Sylar.

They arrive at Mohinder's lab and Mohinder takes Sylar's blood. He determines that the Company injected Sylar with the virus. Sylar kills Maya and then tells Mohinder to use the cure on her first to ensure that it works. After Mohinder heals her, Sylar takes the remaining cure and prepares to take his leave, but Elle confronts him and chases him away.

Eris Quod Sum

Mohinder is about to inject Peter with a new formula when Sylar arrives to stop him, sultrily greeting him. He attempts to telekinetically restrain Mohinder to the wall, but with the help of his new ability, he fights back, getting extremely emotional and brutally beating Sylar into unconsciousness.

Graphic Novel:The Natural Order of Things

At the funeral pyre of a Sylar body double, Mohinder reminiscences his relationship with Sylar.

Memorable Quotes

"All this time I was trying to fight it. Deny it. But there is no shame..."

- Sylar (to Mohinder) (Run!)

"I believe in fate, Mohinder, and karma. And I'm not just saying that because you're Indian. I mean, you really came to my rescue, and I won't forget that. "

- Sylar (to Mohinder) (Unexpected)

"You have no idea how alone I used to feel."

- Sylar (to Mohinder) (Parasite)

"I wasn't begging for my life. I was offering you yours."

- Sylar (to Mohinder) (Parasite)

"Oh, no. I'm not done with him yet."

- Sylar (to Peter, about Mohinder) (.07%)

"Mohinder, I need to know if I can trust you. I need to know if you're with me. Are you with me on this?"

- Sylar (as Nathan, to Mohinder) (Five Years Gone)

"You and I have trust issues, doctor."

- Sylar (to Mohinder) (Powerless)



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