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Heroes Wiki Heroes
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In this article you can find an archive of self created and reenacted power sequences from Heroes created by Heroes Wiki users. Here you can find a demonstration of abilities, as well as Heroes Wiki-based evolved humans.

For instructions on what to do in adding a power, refer here.

Evolved Humans

The following are members who have demonstrated extraordinary abilities.

Name Ability
Bob Poison emission
Drewcasson Flight, Melting, Pyrokinesis, Ability supercharging,Electric manipulation, Phasing, Invisibility, Freezing
Peter Dawson Enhanced Speed, Freezing, Illusion, Invisibility, Luminescence, Space-time manipulation, Matt's ability
Psilaq Remake Space-time manipulation, Invisibility
Riddler Alchemy, Duplication, Illusion, Invisibility, Electric manipulation, Luminescence, Phasing, Pyrokinesis, Precognition, Rapid cell regeneration, Sound manipulation, Super speed, Telekinesis, Space-time manipulation
RyanGibsonStewart Enhanced memory
Rowan Electric manipulation, Energy manipulation, Chromakinesis
The Walkin Dude Pyrokinesis
Tom Luminescence, Precognition, Electric manipulation
Yoeri Adoptive muscle memory, Empathic mimicry, Flight, Induced radioactivity, Intuitive aptitude*, Electric manipulation, Luminescence, Phasing, Pyrokinesis, Super speed, Telekinesis


Ian, Invisibility
Level's Brother, Pyrokinesis
Riddler's sister, Space-time manipulation
Stephen, Telepathy
Unknown person, Flight
"?" (Riddler's attacker), Telekinesis and Intuitive aptitude
"?" (Yoeri's attacker), Electric manipulation


The following are abilities that have been demonstrated in the Heroes world.

Ability supercharging

Ability supercharging is the ability to amplify abilities and generate red energy.


  • Tom creates red lightning. See here
  • Drew shoots concentrated Supercharged energy. see here
  • Drew creates a Supercharged ball of energy. see here


Alchemy is the ability to transform the chemical composition of materials.


  • Riddler transmutes a silver spoon into gold. See here.


Cloning is the ability to create an exact copy of oneself.


  • Riddler tests his new cloning abilities and copies himself. See here.

Electric manipulation

Electric manipulation (also referred to as Lightning) is the ability to generate and propel charges of electricity ranging from minor to fatal voltages.


Empathic mimicry

Empathic mimicry is the ability to duplicate the superhuman ability of another person.


  • Yoeri sees someone take off, so he mimics the ability. See here.
  • Yoeri has absorbed the ability Luminescence from his second target since he uses it to blind his target Danielle. See here.
  • Yoeri has absorbed the ability Electric manipulation, from his attacker, since he is able to throw Lightning after his target several months later. See here, here and here.

Enhanced memory

Enhanced memory is the ability to remember...everything.


Enhanced speed

Enhanced speed is the ability to move at speeds that are seemingly impossible.


  • Peter runs around a room. See here.

Enhanced strength

Enhanced strength is the ability to exert greater than normal physical force.


  • Danielle, a victim of a Bag and tag operation, holds this ability. She uses it to choke and throw Yoeri across the room. See here and here.


Flight is the ability to propel oneself through the air.


  • Somebody uses this ability, and Yoeri copies it. See here.
  • Drew takes off into the sky. See the gallery.
  • Drew creates a sonic boom and flyes away the gallery.


Freezing is the ability to remove heat from matter, reducing its temperature and causing it to freeze.


  • Peter chills his favorite mug. See the gallery.
  • After meeting Tracy Drew absorbs this ability. See here


Illusion is the ability to manipulate how other people perceive reality.


  • Riddler creates an illusion to make himself appear as a dog. See here.
  • Peter creates an illusion to change his clothes. See here.
  • Peter creates an illusion to make himself appear as a woman. See here.

Induced radioactivity

Induced radioactivity is the ability to emit radiation and/or induce radioactive properties into objects and people.


  • Yoeri, after some events in his science class, practices his newfound ability at home. See here.

Intuitive aptitude

Intuitive aptitude is the ability to understand how things work. It also allows it's user to copy another person's ability through study.


  • A man who acts alot like Sylar slices Riddler's head to learn what he can do. See here.


Invisibility is the ability to walk in plain view of other people without being seen.


  • Riddler vanishes in his bedroom. See here.
  • Peter vanishes in his kitchen and sits in a chair. See here.
  • Ian uses his ability to mask himself, and his cousin, off from their attacker. See here.
  • Psilaq fades in and out of his dining room. See here
  • Drew discovers he has Invisibility. See here


Luminescence is the ability to emit and control light from one's own body.


  • Peter makes a poorly lit room very bright. See here.
  • Riddler copies Peter's ability. See here.
  • Yoeri uses his newly acquired ability, Luminescence, to blind his target who is choking him. See here and here.
  • John uses this ability to emit light from his hands. See here.
  • Tom manifests his ability in his bedroom. See here.


Phasing is the ability to move through solid matter.


  • A Dutch boy discovers he can walk through walls. See here.
  • Riddler risks slamming his face in the door to see if he can do it. See here
  • Drew phases his hand through a wall. See here.

Poison emission

Poison emission brings death to those in close proximity when the holder is upset.


  • Bob gets upset, activating the ability. See the gallery.


Precognition is the ability to accurately foresee future events.



Pyrokinesis is the ability to create and control fire.


  • Drew tries out his new ability and shoots Blue Fire. See [1].
  • Mark harnesses his fire in his hand. See here. and here.
  • Level's brother holds fire in his hands. See the gallery.
  • Riddler's hand acts as a lighter. See here.
  • Riddler makes a flamethrower using rubbing alcohol and his fire. See here.
  • Riddler's control of fire increases. See the gallery.
  • The Walkin Dude heats up his tent until it incinerates. See the gallery.
  • Drew Sees a company agent and creates Blue Fire. See here
  • After watching security footage, which were displaced on purpose of the cause of the Primatech Research Facility fires, Yoeri is able to produce flames. See here.

Rapid cell regeneration

Rapid cell regeneration is the ability to regenerate cells at an increased rate, resulting in physical injuries healing in a matter of seconds or minutes.


  • Riddler heals a pretty nasty cut wound. See here
  • Riddler heals a larger wound on his stomach. It scars before being fully healed. See here

Sound manipulation

Sound manipulation is the ability to mimic and distort noise, replicate frequencies, and create sonic blasts of devastating proportions.


  • Riddler just feels like screaming sometimes. See the gallery

Space-time manipulation

Space-time manipulation is the ability to alter the space-time continuum.


  • Riddler's sister teleports from her room to a backyard pond. See here.
  • Riddler stops time as he throws an apple. See here.
  • Peter stops time around his friend. See here.
  • Peter teleports to his couch. See here.
  • Peter travels through time to give himself a message. See here.
  • Psilaq teleports away from and back to his dining room. See here.

Super speed

Super speed is the ability to move at extreme speeds.

  • Riddler runs to avoid an undercover Homeland Security agent. See here.


Telekinesis is the ability to move objects with the mind.


  • Flavia moves light plastic objects with her hand. See here.
  • Riddler pulls his remote to his hand. See here.
  • Yoeri, in an attempt to distract his target, uses this ability to turn off the power in the Company Storage Facility. See here
  • A man who acts alot like Sylar uses this ability to stop Riddler in his tracks. See here.


Telepathy is the ability to hear other people's thoughts, scan the memory of other people and send thoughts directly to other people's minds.


  • When Stephen is attacked by Sylar, he tries to project his thoughts into Sylar's head. See here.

Ability Galleries

Ability supercharging Gallery

Electric manipulation Gallery

Enhanced memory Gallery

Enhanced strength Gallery

Flight Gallery

Freezing Gallery

Induced radioactivity Gallery

Invisibility Gallery

Luminescence Gallery

Melting Gallery

Poison emission Gallery

Precognition Gallery

Pyrokinesis Gallery

Sound manipulation Gallery

Space‑time manipulation



If you are reading this, you're probably interested in demonstrating one of your extraordinary abilities. Well, before I go into details, this is what you'll need:

  • A video camera or a digital camera.
  • A video editing program or a picture editing program.
  • Editing skills.
  • Time and Patience.

Every member of this website is invited to demonstrate their abilities. They should be based on Abilities, whichever you prefer.

This article will remain under quality control. If it looks horribly fake or has horrible quality in general, it will be removed. Please treat this article with care, the Fan Powers article is out of hand as it is.

Try to stick to videos. Suggestions on how to make a video look good below. If you cannot get a hold of a video camera, use a digital camera with video capabilities (so long as the quality is good.) If you don't even have that, snap four (AT MOST five) photos and edit them accordingly for a gallery.

Try to be original. It is understandable that some abilities are more popular or easier to emulate than others, but this page can become overrun with copies. If you choose the same ability as someone else, film your video from a different perspective, or a different effect.

Lastly, try not to film too many effects unless they all coincide, otherwise everyone will fall under the same "Empathic Mimicry" category.

Suggestions for videos:

  • Unless you are VERY good at video editing, take an ability that requires limited editing.
  • Keep your camera completely still unless moving it makes the effect more believable.
  • Try to choose an ability that isn't taken yet, or do a different version of an already-done ability.
  • Fading and masking are your friend.

Suggestions for snapshots:

  • Limit it to at most four pictures... five if necessary, no more.
  • Photoshop is a Godsend.
  • Use realistic effects and alter the photo so colors and lighting match.

Have fun!

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