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Held by: Pete

Transferal is the ability to transfer things from one vessel to another by means of a crackling red energy.

Pete is the ONLY person to have this ability, and is one of the stars of Tempest's Tale, where more information on him can be found. It is important to visit this link to get a better picture of him on his adventures. Jump around the posts, he does a lot of good.

Pete's ability allows him to move almost anything from one place to another. He can recharge a piece of electronic equipment by holding some batteries and the drained object and transferring the energy. He can even transfer someone's ability into another person. This ability does not work as a swap, it doesn't require something to go both ways. If he was holding onto somebody with Technopathy and somebody with Pyrokinesis, he could give the Pyrokinesis to the Technopath, leaving him with two powers and the other man with none. He cannot keep things for himself. He can transfer things from one vessel to another, but can't for instance take someone's ability and keep it for himself, he would have to put it in something else. For a while after manifesting, he had to be touching both objects/people he wanted to use his ability on, but has since managed to send beams of red energy out to something in order to give/take something.

When using his ability, red energy will fill Pete's eyes and crackle round his body, spiralling round his limbs and whatever he is using his ability on. A side effect based on what he is transferring will also occur. For instance, when he used his ability to give his friend Tempest Gravitational Manipulation, nobody had control over the power while it was being moved, and a large vortex threatened to swallow the alley they were in until Tempest had enough of the power to gain control and shut it down.

Pete has successfully endowed objects with abilities, such as putting Super Strength in a ring.

Pete has limited Healing ability, but with a price. He can move a mental disability, or give someone back their sight, but someone else would lose their sight and he has to find somewhere to put negative effects he takes. He cannot physically heal someone. He tried to heal a gash in someone's leg by taking that bit from a person that could regenerate, but all he managed to do was move a bit of leg the right shape, and fill the gash like a jigsaw puzzle. His ability can not force bits of skin to stick together, so the piece fell out as soon as the injured boy stood up.

Pete and his ability are copyrighted and part of a larger project. Please approach TempestTechnopath on here or the blog if you wish to make use of them.