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Dylan Grunwald
First appearance Chapter 1
In-story stats
Known ability Fire manipulation
Formal name Dylan Joseph Grunwald
Age 18
Date of birth July 27, 1991
Place of birth Unknown
Home China
Residence Southern Temple
Occupation Martial arts student
Parents Unnamed father (deceased), Unnamed mother (deceased)
Guardian Master Katarr (deceased)
Other relatives Choi Kyung (best friend/unofficial brother)

Dylan Grunwald is a special with the ability to create and control fire. He never knew his parents, but he knows they died when he was very young. He was raised by Master Katarr at the Wushu temple, where he grew up and trained hard everyday. After the destruction of Wushu temple, he and his best friend, Choi Kyung, left and currently live at Southern temple. However, now he must go to New York City and then find the Trinity Sphere to save the world.

Evolved Human Abilities

He can create and control bright orange flames, using them as attacks, or fire shields. He can also use fire as a type of jet pack and propel himself through the air. He is an expert in Xingyiquan, and a master at the use of his dagger and ninja blade, and can even channel his fire into them. He is also an excellent athlete and acrobat, as well as a gymnast.





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