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User:Vampirate68/Evolved Human Detection

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Evolved Human Detection
Kyle detects and evolved human right in front of him
Held by: Kyle Dillon
Ability to: Detect and track evolved humans

Evolved Human Detection, or "EHD" for short, is the ability to detect evolved humans. This power has three distinct aspects: Detection, Power Analysis, and Tracking.


  • Kyle Dillon is the only known person to have this ability.



This power is not a passive power, so the user must first concentrate and actively turn on the ability. While in this "state" the user can detect which people in the room are evolved human. The user sees the evolved humans in a blue-white color and the non-evolved humans in a black color. Users can stay in this state as long as they want. This ability has a range of one mile. While they can detect evolved humans up to that distance, it gets difficult to maintain a lock on them.

Power Analysis

Once the user has detected the evolved human, they can also analyse their ability. Analyzing takes a few seconds, but after they have analysed the ability they can figure out what ability the person has and the level of skill they are at. This is similar to the aspects of Intuitive aptitude, though those with that ability can take another person's ability while those with EHD cannot.


Once a user has detected and analysed an evolved human, they can actually track that person no matter where they go. While this is not as efficient as the aspects of Clairvoyance, the user can still find the person's general area just by thinking about them. They can not just track anyone though. They must have already detected them and analysed them.


  • While considered one unique power, EHD has three distinct aspects that are similar to other abilities.