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Kyle Dillon
Portrayed by James Roday
In-story stats
Known ability Evolved Human Detection
Formal name Kyle Spencer Dillon
Nickname Blood Hound
Age 32
Occupation Formerly a Company Agent

Kyle Dillon is an evolved human with the ability of Evolved Human Detection. He is a former Company Agent that has decided to quit in order to find and help evolved humans get an ordinary life and protect them from the Company.

Character History

A Company Boy

Both of Kyle's parents were evolved humans who worked for the Company. Growing up, he was constantly monitored by Company scientists to see if he manifested an ability. Seeing what ability he obtained was of great importance to the Company as both his father and mother had powerful abilities. His father had Empathic mimicry and his mother had Intuitive aptitude. Expecting to get a child with incredible abilities, The Company tested and tested. For years they conducted test after test. Nothing. They figured that at 16 he would manifest. Nothing. 17. Nothing. 18. Nothing. Finally the Company gave up. Maybe the child was an anomaly. Maybe he was normal. The Company put away his file, deciding that they would just let him become an agent until or if he ever manifested. And so it was that Kyle Dillon became a "One of us".

Agent Dillon

Kyle had it easy as an agent. Because of his parent's high standings in the Company, Kyle didn't have to work to hard at all. He was given easy assignments. Catch a man with Enhanced hearing or a woman with Acidic blood, nothing too serious. In some ways, Kyle enjoyed not having to take down anyone with serious powers. It was safer, nicer. But in others, he almost wished that he could go after someone really dangerous.

So that's what he did. After stealing a file in the high priority case, Kyle ran out of the Company facility. He was either going to catch this "son of a bitch" or he was going to die trying.

Kyle read the file as he drove off into the night. It was a file for a man who could transform himself into an animal. Apparently he was ravaging the countryside of New York, killing hikers and animals for weeks now. The man had been a zoologist, which explained how he could have absorbed certain animal's DNA so he could transform into them. After reading how the man was able to to survive multiple shotgun shots, Kyle began to doubt himself. Maybe he wouldn't be able to take him down. He was just a regular person. No. Kyle would do this. He would show his parents that he could be amazing even without an ability.

Theodis and the Minotaur

For the next several days, Kyle stalked his prey, following the sightings of the mysterious "Man-Bear". The man was elusive, he'd give him that much. Finally, he ran into the man. It was a rainy night when the confrontation happened. Kyle had been following a large shape lumbering in the woods for an hour. Aiming his gun he fired two warning shots. The shape whirled around, revealing a large man with patches of brown fur jutting out from his body. He was spotted with blood and dead skin. The man demanded who to know who was there. Kyle replied, telling him who he was and what his mission was. The man growled, saying that it wasn't his fault that he was killing people. He said that the animal DNA inside of him was tearing him apart, taking control more and more. The man began to cough up blood.

Kyle was in shock. This wasn't the cold-blooded killer that the Company had said he was. This was a man who had an ability he couldn't control. It was then that Kyle decided that the Company was wrong. After calming the man down, he told him that he wasn't going to take him out. Instead, he gave the man all of the money in his pockets, telling him that he could find a man who could help him in Boston. After giving him the address, The Bearman thanked him, telling him that he would one day repay the favor. Kyle shrugged it off, saying that he wouldn't be alive for very long now that he crossed the Company.

The Primatech Siege

Kyle's plan was a simple one, break into Primatech, steal some files, and hide. Well, it was simple on paper, not so simple in reality. His main problem was that he would be up against tens of highly trained agents. But it wouldn't be as hard as normal. Lately, Kyle had been seeing things. Sometimes when he closed his eyes, he would open them again and find that certain people glowed a blue color, while others didn't. After a little bit of practicing, he realized that this was an ability. He could detect the presence of evolved humans. While this wouldn't necessarily be a great advantage, it would still help.

Waiting in the bushes, Kyle tried to focus. He had to make this quick. Get in, get out. In, out. Kyle closed his eyes and turned his ability on. The two guards by the southeast door were EH's, the ones by the southwest door were not. He'd take the SW guards. Hopefully they'd be easier. Pulling out a crowbar, he walked up behind the two guards. They were both unaware of him, making them easy targets. After knocking them out he stole their passes and snuck into the building.

He had been in this building thousands of times before, but yet he was still scared. Kyle walked down the halls, surprised by their emptiness. Walking into the file room, he took out several files. He would find and help these people and make sure that the Company would never be able to harm these people. Just as he was about to leave, his father appeared behind him. He wanted Kyle to put the files back and come with him. He said Kyle was not thinking straight. Kyle denied him, saying that he couldn't work for such an evil organization anymore. His father told him that the Company would consider him a threat and try to kill him. Kyle said it wouldn't matter if they did, he was special now and would see them coming. Finally persuaded, Kyle's father told him that he would give him a 30 minute head start until he told Company officials what he had done. Kyle thanked his father and ran out into the night. It was time to be a hero.

Evolved Human Abilities

Kyle has the ability of Evolved Human Detection or EHD for short. He can detect evolved humans, analyse their abilities, and track them. He has shown that he can detect evolved humans up to a range of 1 mile, though he has a harder time detecting them the farther away from him that they are. While using his power, evolved humans show up in a blueish hue and regular people show up in a blackish hue.