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February 22, 2010

Been off playing Mass Effect 2. Good game, but after two playthroughs, trying it again, even with another class, feels like a chore. Though I might have played it too much, I just need a break.
Anyway, enough on that.

I have a review for you.

But it's not a movie. It's a television show. I've "reviewed" a couple shows before already, but they were more or less rants. I made fun of "Ghost Whisperer" and talked about how I liked "Burn Notice", but never actually "reviewed" them.

All the same, before I post it I should explain what "Spartacus; Blood and Sand" is so you all get a vague idea of what the hell this is.

It's a show that popped up on Starz (Starz is a much lesser HBO-type station), it's a mix between Gladiator and 300. Combine sex and violence with slow-motion, and you basically have Spartacus. It's an Arena-based show and they do keep it more interesting then just 1 on 1 fights, which would get boring. Simple concept, so-so execution, everything it does is too much.

But onto the real review.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand (2010)

Summary: Enjoyable with the potential to be annoying

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Since I get Starz on Demand for free due to some tiny extra payment on my cable plan, it's generally my biggest source of movies and other time-wasters while I'm waiting for something else better to do. No offense to Starz in particular, because that's all TV is to me these days. Filler-time until something else comes up.

I started seeing previews for Spartacus in front of my movies and was instantly intrigues and slightly troubled that they seemed to be taking notes from 300 a bit too much. A lot of people add "Gladiator" to the mix, but Spartacus has enough differences in story... so I disagree. However, the "300" inspiration is painfully obvious.

Now, I liked 300 for the most part, minus that borderline pornographic sex scene... And now Spartacus is trying to take too many notes and try to fit in at least one sex scene, one set of breasts and maybe one bare penis for good measure at least in every single episode. I'll never understand this. Yes, sex happens from time to time, we get it. I'm not going to sit here and type "Think of the children!" because I'm a 21 year old who STILL thinks there's no room for it in this.

The worst part is, they seem to be trying to hard. It's like all the sex was filmed after the REAL episode and everyone thought "Let's just plug this in anywhere". 90% of the sex in this has no place. Scenes like that should be used sparingly, and it's not.

Pointless sex aside, the rest is admirable. Good actors, they all seem to fit in the role they're in. I don't mind the liberal use of slow-motion, but can understand how it might be annoying for some people. Like the sex, the slow-motion should get some more careful use. Still, I find it neat.

The actual character development could use improvement but the story seems to be going forward rather well. I don't expect this to last more than a season or two, but it'll be a fun ride.

January 24, 2010

I just watched a marathan on Burn Notice on USA a couple days ago.

I didn't think I would like it. It was mostly the commercials, his voice and cheesy grin unnerved me. It just rubbed my senses the wrong way.

But when I actually watched it, he has a cool narrative voice and he facial expressions aren't as obnoxious.

I really like the show. Though I really feel like I need to see the first couple of episodes to get the full extent of what the actual "Burn Notice" is. I mean, it explains it on the intro to each show, but I never found out what Michael (the main character) did to deserve being blacklisted by his spy company/government.

But I think what attracts me the most is the Narration. Throughout his various missions, Michael talks about different aspects of spy-work. Whether it's true for real-life or not, I can't say. I'm not a spy. But it's damn entertaining and I think some of the strategy and such he talks about, are still viable.
And just seeing what crap he'll pull next is definitely suspenseful.

Damn good show.

Heroes episode tomorrow, but I'll likely be watching it the next day on my computer.

January 19, 2010

So. Technically, I already have a "blog". That one lists certain ventures with games, specifically Guild Wars. But mostly others. I also chime in with some real-life muses, other-game guild drama, and the occasional movie review.

What I don't have, is one dedicated to the shows I watch and enjoy. Sure, I could probably use the link above... but I don't watch shows regularly so it'd be nice to have more of a "casual" blog, to update when I actually think of something to say. Well, kind of like I do to the link above... but this page will be more of a specialist.

I might, however, just end up posting the same thing on two different websites. I'm not sure. If that happens, oh well.

The compulsion to start a blog on this Heroes Wiki came from a post of mine here, where I said the following;

[Referring to Hiro in his "dream-court", when reciting the opening to "quantam leap".
"I didn't need to get the actual reference to get the point of the line. What Hiro was saying wasn't original. I don't blame him for it, I often think of song lyrics for certain scenarios (for stories, games, or real life situations). Just because it came from something else doesn't mean it didn't come from the heart."

I thought that was rather thought-provoking. That's how I write sometimes, it'd be nice to express things further, via blog.

Oh, do be warned though. Sometimes I say bad words. Click your fucking back button if you get all pantie-twisted over it.

Onto some more relevant news!

I just watched Close to You and Pass/Fail on, because despite me having an operable and accessible television, my mind is often more preoccupied by World of Warcraft and not having a job. COINCIDENCE, I say!

Close to You was a neat episode, except Peter is carrying around the Idiot Ball once more. He could have just spoken to Lydia instead of smashing her shit like a physchopath.

I thought the episode's Matt/Noah dynamic was rather interesting. Both of them had good points for and against Matt's "hiding out". On Matt's side. He does have a family who he loves, and should stick by. On the other, he's a lot more powerful than he gives himself credit for and would be a lot of help against many types of villains. So I'm on the fence when it comes to that particular subplot. He's still one of my top three favorite characters.

It's also neat to see Mohindrance back in play. He's always amusing to watch.

And the next episode, Pass/Fail, was pretty fun to watch. I know Hiro is a show favorite but they shouldn't have saved his dumbass. Sylar is our new comic relief.
Speaking of which, Sylar was very... "sane", this episode. Though the guy really needs to find a damn foothold.
One inconsistency I found; Posing as Gretchen was a bit quick-thinking and sane for just being stabbed in the eye. Normally he would have just hunt-stalked her and Gretchen, or maybe run off altogether. Either way, normal Sylar would have been raging. I guess this is kind of subverted by Claire mentioning him and his current "emo apologetic" version. Or whatever she said.

Anyone else find Samuel's nerdrage hilarious? Seriously, it was a glorified nerdrage. Sub-attractive man can't get Semi-Attractive woman (I thought the art was hotter than the actual character)... give said guy some superpowers and we got ourselves a nerdrage. In its purest form.