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Click here! Ye Be Warned.


Samuel has Terrakinesis. So the ink? I think it has some specific formula that caters to his power. Or, I don't know a damn thing about ink.
+ Let It Bleed. Samuel did some mix with dirt. Hell, might file this one in confirmed.

Everyone hopes Gretchen and Claire get a nice minority relationship, but I honestly think Claire will turn her down. History clearly dictates that she likes the cock.
- Claire was more dumbfounded than disgusted. I was expecting more of a "get off me" reaction.
- Strange Attractors. She seems okay with it. Might file this under "failed" soon.
+ Shadowboxing.


Less of a theory, but more of a HOPE, that Micah comes back as Rebel.
+ Cold Snap.

The skeletons are failed experiments that were executed.
+ 1961


There's a good chance Noah might be Rebel now.
+ He's got the resources along with the nefound trust of Danko.
- Claire recieved a text message while Noah was at the table, unless it was timed...
- Cold Snap

Luke is Sylar's brother.
- I think this has been sufficiently disproved... maybe.
Final note: Even if this were vaguely possible I think the show has passed Sylar's father by, so we may never know.

Danko might take the reigns of the operation.
- Shades of Gray.

Nathan Might flip once again back to the percieved "good guys" if he's absolutely exposed.
+ Shades of Gray
- He died.

Danko "missed" the sweet spot in I Am Sylar.
+ Well, he got back up, didn't he?

- Explained. The biology switched around.

Sylar will fail on his mission to "become" president.
- He was before, in a percieved future, as President Nathan.
+ Heroes is daft, but not THAT daft.
- Not really confirmed or failed, it just... didn't happen.