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Spare the cheerleader, spoil the world.
Portrayed by Zachary Carleton
First appearance Season 5 Episode 3 credited as Broken Nose's Cousin
In-story stats
Known ability Intuitive Veracity
Alias Monty Cantsin
Age 41
Date of birth Bryan, TX
Home Dallas, TX (near Odessa)
Occupation Company Man

About Me


No I'm not referring to THAT Zach's mind. My online moniker predates the series, and its origins predate perhaps even Dekker's birth certificate. Back in the 1980s, I became loosely affiliated in something slackful, and back then it was fashionable to change your name. Although what happened back then seems like a lifetime ago, the name Zach sorta stuck. Some other places I've been known to frequent on the Web include MetaFilter, Whedonesque, and my own blog. I was a frequenter of 9th Wonders but got silenced there, so I'm looking for a new Heroes home. I try to go by ZachsMind pretty much wherever I go, but someone beat me to it at MySpace. I got a page there but it's lame.

I don't know what to do with this stuff

These are things that might someday fit in HeroesWiki and might not, but I'm putting them in here under my umbrella in hopes of working them in. If I'm never able to figure out how they work in, I'll continue tinkering with them here and at least people can point and laugh as I tinker. =)

Random Trivia

  • Furthest outside the U.S. I've ever been.. was a road trip from Detroit Michigan to Toronto Ontario, and then north of the Great Lakes through Canada until we arrived in Niagra Falls, New York. I was about nine. Does that even count?
  • Favorite color is purple.
  • Favorite foods include blackened cajun anything, chicken & broccoli, beans & rice, peanut butter and jelly and banana sandwiches, and of course waffles, pancakes, and french toast. Most anything on the breakfast menu come to think of it, from corn flakes to eggs & bacon. No bagels tho. Also have developed an appreciation for chicken ramen noodles. Tastes great with peanut butter. I'm gonna have to stop eating the ramen tho. Too much sodium. I think it's killing me. Wonderfully cheap and filling tho, and eating them reminds me of my old college days. Mmm... Good times.
  • Favorite waste of time is called City of Heroes which is a game by Cryptic Studios. The pic in the upper right there is a virtual me from that game, which I play occasionally on the Virtue or Triumph servers. I also have characters like Break Through (traditional speedster), Elusive (she's a cross between Eden and Claude but with a more optimistic outlook), and Benny Edison (walking cybernetic power plant). You can learn more about them if you want.