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Walter W. Eckert Building

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Walter W. Eckert Building
Walter W. Eckert Building.jpg
Location: Baltimore, MD
Purpose: Law enforcement

After being found by Captain Lubbock, Sylar is taken to the Walter W. Eckert Building in Baltimore, MD.

Notable Employees

Notable Visitors


Hysterical Blindness

Captain Lubbock and Dr. Madeline Gibson watch Sylar in his interrogation cell. He tells her how Sylar has no memory, and that she should write him off as crazy. She tells him she needs to talk to Sylar, and they go inside the cell. She asks him what happened to him, and he tells her he remembers being in a forest, and shot. She tells Lubbock to uncuff him, but he refuses, so she tells him to leave the keys on his way out. After trying to help Sylar remember who he is, Lubbock comes back and calls her out, saying they have a fingerprint match. He comes back in alone and unplugs the camera, telling Sylar his name is Gabriel Gray, and that he killed his mother, and that he will get a confession. He throws a table out of his way and advances on Sylar, who throws his arms up defensively, throwing Lubbock back through a mirror.

As Dr. Gibson gets into her car, all the lights in the parking garage go out, and Sylar comes up to her, begging her to take him with her, and that she promised to help him.


  • In reality, there is no Walter W. Eckert building in Baltimore. In fact, this building is named after Walter Eckert, an art department coordinator for Heroes.

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