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Alexis Brandow

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Alexis Brandow
Alexis Brandow.jpg
Title Web designer,
iStory artist
Gender Female

Alexis Brandow is the senior web designer for Heroes Evolutions, and the iStory artist.


Alexis Brandow has been working on the Heroes website for the past couple years. She started as an art director on the site following Markus Hagen. Her projects involved the Doyle puppet game, the development and illustration of the Heroes Istory, and various key art for ad campaigns and webisodes throughout the site. After a time, she focused her interests strictly on the istory and is currently the illustrator for most of the artwork that is featured in the game.

Alexis has worked as an interface web designer, illustrator, flash animator, and graphic designer for many of the major entertainment studios around Los Angeles including FOX, Warner Brothers, Disney and NBC. She is currently a freelance art/design consultant that works from her home in Los Angeles.

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