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Ando's superhero suit

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Ando's superhero suit
SuperAndo Costume.jpg
Ando checks out his spandex suit.

First mentioned: A Clear and Present Danger
Owned by: Ando Masahashi
Current status: In Ando's possession

Ando's superhero suit is a red and white spandex outfit made by Hiro for Ando.


A Clear and Present Danger

In their lair, Hiro gives Ando a red and white spandex outfit. He says that Ando will look very badass in his costume. Ando looks at it with uncertainty and questions as to why it is made out of Spandex. When Hiro says that a superhero must hide his true identity, Ando says that Hiro is only doing this since he wants to live powers through Ando, since Hiro lost his own powers. When Hiro denies it, Ando explains that his own power is worthless, since it only helps others' abilities. When Hiro says that children will tell stories about the legendary Ando, Ando replies that they will instead laugh at his suit. Hiro then says that it is Ando's destiny to be a superhero. But Ando denies it, and tosses the suit away, saying that he is not interested.

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