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Matching suits

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Matching suits
You said you wanted a costume.jpg

First mentioned: Collision
Owned by: Hiro and Ando

After winning money at poker, Hiro and Ando buy matching suits.



After Hiro uses his power to cheat at poker, he and Ando use their winnings to buy matching suits.


After being dumped into the desert, Hiro brushes dirt off of Ando's suit.

Better Halves

Hiro and Ando wear their suits to the poker game between them and the high roller.

Nothing to Hide

Hiro and Ando have ditched their suits for more casual fare.

Memorable Quotes

"You said you wanted a costume"

- Ando (to Hiro) (Collision)


  • Hiro and Ando going down the escalator in Collision mirrors the famous scene from the movie Rain Man.

Clothing edit

Ando's superhero suitHorn-rimmed glassesKensei's helmetMatching suitsSocks

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