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Big Jim's Franks & Fries

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Big Jim's Franks & Fries
Big Jim's.jpg
Sylar visits the abandoned diner where he was taken and sold by his biological father.
Location: Unknown
Purpose: Diner

Sylar recognizes Big Jim's Franks and Fries while searching for his biological father.

Notable Visitors



Sylar and Luke stop at the abandoned diner when Sylar remembers that his biological father once brought him there as a child. He has a flashback to losing a toy car inside a wooden partition, and when he rips off the wooden boards, he finds the car is still there. He tells Luke that he remembers that his father did something terrible in that place. He then recalls Samson Gray selling him to his adoptive parents, Martin Gray and Virginia Gray, and leaving without him. The young Sylar runs out into the parking lot, where he sees his father arguing with his mother in a car. Samson slices her head open and pushes her body out of the car while their son watches in horror.

Realizing the truth, Sylar threatens Luke for not telling him the full story about Samson, but does not kill him. He then leaves, saying that he will hunt down his father alone.

An Invisible Thread

As Matt Parkman reprograms Sylar's mind to make him believe he is Nathan Petrelli, he deletes Sylar's memory of the events that transpired at the Big Jim's Franks and Fries.

Heroes Evolutions

Slow Burn

The Bowman family passes by the abandoned restaurant on their way to the carnival. Jennie wants a hot dog, but Gail says that the place is closed.




  • The song heard playing during the flashback to the diner was "The Chain" by Fleetwood Mac. (Exposed)
  • Gabriel was sold by his father at this location.

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