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Martin Gray

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Martin Gray
Martin Gray.jpg
Portrayed by Ned Schmidtke
First appearance A Clear and Present Danger
In-story stats
Known ability None
Home Baltimore, MD
Occupation Timepiece restorer at Harbor Watch Shop
Significant others Virginia Gray (ex-wife, deceased)
Child Gabriel Gray (adopted)
Sibling Samson Gray

Martin Gray is the adoptive father and biological uncle of Gabriel Gray, also known as Sylar. He is a watchmaker by trade.

Character History

The Hard Part

Sylar visits his mother, Virginia Gray, and starts fixing a broken clock, saying that it used to be his father's. Virginia regrets not throwing it away ages ago.


As Sylar is about to kill her, Angela says that she knows who his real parents are. She tells him that he isn't the son of a watchmaker and a woman who collected snow globes.

A Clear and Present Danger

Martin finds Sylar in the Harbor Watch Shop and pulls a shotgun on him, taking him for a thief. Sylar asks if he is the same Martin Gray that lived in Queens twenty-seven years ago, who went out to buy cigarettes one day and never returned, leaving his wife and son behind. Martin lowers his gun when Sylar explains who he is. Sylar asks for answers about his past, but Martin says he was a different person then, that his wife was a sick and infantile woman, and that he should never have had a child with her. Sylar recognizes this as a lie and demands to know who his real father is. Martin says that he was given Sylar as a boy by a man who needed money, and accepted him because his wife could not have children. He explains that his brother is Sylar's real father, and writes down his contact details on a piece of paper, before asking Sylar to go. Knowing that this is the truth, Sylar considers killing Martin but does not and simply leaves.


Sylar has flashbacks of his biological father, Samson Gray, taking him to a roadside diner. He takes a young Gabriel over to a table where Martin is sitting with his wife, Virginia. They then hand a bundle of cash to Samson who subsequently gives Gabriel to them.

Shades of Gray

Sylar tells Samson Gray that he learned to fix watches because he thought it would please Martin.

An Invisible Thread

As Matt Parkman reprograms Sylar's mind to make him believe he is Nathan Petrelli, he goes through the moment at Big Jim's Franks and Fries where Martin buys a young Gabriel from Samson.


Sylar tells Claire that they were both raised by parents who didn't understand them, meaning Martin for Sylar.

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