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Jennie Bowman

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Jennie Bowman
Portrayed by Kaleigh Ryan
First appearance Faction Zero
In-story stats
Known ability Fire breathing
Nickname Jennie Fire Mouth
Age 8
Residence Sullivan Bros. Carnival
Occupation Carnival fire breather
Parents Chris Bowman (father),
Gail Bowman (mother)

Jennie Bowman is the daughter of Gail and Chris Bowman and is an evolved human who can breathe fire. She lives and works at the Sullivan Bros. Carnival with her family.

Character History

Strange Attractors

Jennie preforms in an act at the carnival with her parents, Chris and Gail.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 6

Jennie is seen with Gail and Chris practicing their act as Amanda watches them.

Graphic Novel:Smoke & Mirrors

Jennie is seen practicing her fire breathing act with Chris and Gail. Chris then argues with Gail, saying that the carnival isn't safe for them or Jennie.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 10

Jennie, Chris, and Gail perform their fire breathing act and then Amanda comes onto stage and makes fire go straight up into the air.

The Art of Deception

Jennie, while being held by her mother, listens as Samuel prepares to turn himself in. Later, she stands with her mother as Chris and Doyle team up on Claire.

Brave New World

Chris, Gail, and Jennie listen to Samuel talk on the stage in Central Park. They cheer in agreement. However, at night, right before the "show" is about to begin, Claire storms in and explains Samuel's true motive. At first, Jennie and her family are unconvinced, but then, Noah, Edgar, and Eli show up, backing Claire up. At this point, all the carnies leave and run, and are teleported to safety by Hiro Nakamura.

Graphic Novel:Consequences

Jennie runs with the other carnies from the destruction brought by Samuel. However, this scenario is in fact a dream experienced by Angela Petrelli

Heroes Evolutions

Faction Zero

In chapter 3 of Faction Zero, Rachel comes to the hideout of a faction of evolved humans. In the kitchen, she meets John, along with a skinny guy, a large guy, and the girl's mother. Rachel fights the evolved humans, but soon cools down. As they explain their situation to Rachel, the young girl appears and hugs her mother, begging Rachel not to hurt her. She then hiccups and emits a small puff of smoke.

In chapter 4 of Faction Zero, Jennie runs around a rest stop while her mom and dad talk on a bench. She practices her ability, and then leaves with her family.

In chapter 5 of Faction Zero, she sits outside a trailer at a carnival with her family.

In chapter 6 of Faction Zero, Jennie plays in the dirt, while her mom and dad talk about Rachel Mills.

Slow Burn

In chapter 1 of Slow Burn Jennie asks her mother and father if she can have a hot dog at Big Jim's Franks & Fries but her mother tells her that the diner is shut down.

A few months after arriving at the carnival, Jennie is called popular by her mother, and is out of her bed earlier than her mother and father.

In chapter 2 of Slow Burn Jennie writes about how much she loves her new life. She comments on how she and her friend Aiden are the most popular because they already have their abilities. Jennie then overhears her parents arguing over whether or not they can trust the carnival. Gail believes that they can but Chris doesn't think that Jennie is safe. Jennie runs from the unfamiliar sound of her parents' fighting and goes to see her friends. She tells them about her parents fighting and they console her with the knowledge that most of their parents fight as well.

As Jennie walks home, she spots Lydia, alone. She notes that she looks like she has been crying. Jennie asks her what's wrong and then gives her some advice about making sure the people you care about know that you love them. Jennie tells Lydia how much she loves the carnival and Lydia smiles before telling her to go and spend time with Gail.

Jennie goes behind the hall of mirrors and decides to practice her power. She concentrates and breathes out a jet of fire. She is happy she was successful and a voice tells her that she is impressive. Jennie warns the girl, Deeana, that she shouldn't be sneaking around. Deena tells her not to worry and suggests that they be best friends. She gives Jennie a phone and then rushes off. The Watcher tells Jennie that she is not supposed to have a phone but reassures her that he won't tell anyone. He gives her a message to give to her parents and she rushes home. Much to her shock, the message creates more problems at home for Gail and Chris as they discover that The Watcher knows their secret.

In chapter 3 of Slow Burn, Chris and Gail decide that they must find The Watcher in order to ensure Jennie's safety.

In chapter 4 of Slow Burn, Jennie returns home and tells her parents that she has had a rather normal and boring day. Samuel then steps into the carnival and Jennie asks how she can help him. Samuel kneels down to talk to her and announces that she, and the rest of her family, are needed for a very special mission to recruit a girl named Tracy.

In chapter 5 of Slow Burn, Jennie, Chris and Gail are told by Samuel to help lure Tracy Strauss into the carnival. Jennie performs her fire breathing routine with the family and smiles shyly at Tracy as she walks by. Later, she watches as The Watcher gives her parents some new assignments. Jennie decides to go with her mother to find Gabriel and learn his secret. Jennie spots him by the Ferris wheel and Gail approaches him. Jennie seems afraid of Gabriel, as does Gail, but neither of them are sure why. Later, Jennie joins her family in performing their final routine for the night.

In chapter 6 of Slow Burn, Jennie shows her parents how she is now capable of firing a fire ball from her mouth. Her parents are proud of her but when they begin to argue, Jennie begs them to stop and begins to lose control of her ability. She runs off and when her parents find her, she is crying. Gail apologizes for yelling and Jennie admits that she thought she could help but she just made things worse. Chris quickly reassures her that she is the best daughter he could have hoped for and that while he and Gail may sometimes argue, they still love each other.

In chapter 7 of Slow Burn, Jennie has been kidnapped by The Watcher.

In chapter 9 of Slow Burn, Jennie has been returned and Chris and Gail vow to protect her no matter what.

In chapter 10 of Slow Burn, Jennie hides with Amanda while the rest of the carnies attempt to locate The Watcher.


In chapter 2 of Purpose, Jennie spots "Mr. Mulligan" leaving the carnival and rushes to stop him. She jumps into his arms and asks if he is really leaving. She takes him to her family and, after the grown ups talk, she runs into the room, eager to know if John has decided to stay. Chris tells her that John is leaving.

In chapter 4 of Purpose, Jennie opens the door to her trailer and sees John. She happily reunites with him but says that Chris and Gail told her to let no one inside. She says that people, including Chris, say that John is a bad man, and John asks her what she thinks. Jennie notes that John is too nice to be bad and that he has a funny hat. John gives Jennie the hat, and she runs to the mirror to see how she looks. When Chris and Gail return, Jennie becomes afraid and is upset when her father yells for John to get away from her. She and Gail are then sent to Bo's.

In chapter 6 of Purpose, John Mulligan asks Claire Bennet to make sure that a family of his friends get out, referencing to Jennie and her parents Chris and Gail. Later when John meets Gail, he asks if Chris and Jennie are in, to which she tells him that they are out.

Evolved Human Abilities

Jennie has the ability to breathe fire. When she demonstrates this ability, she seems to not be very experienced at controlling it or creating large flames. Once she let out a puff of smoke when hiccuping (Chapter 3 of Faction Zero), and another time she concentrated very hard to create "a little tongue of fire" while coughing (Chapter 4 of Faction Zero). In Slow Burn, Jennie seems to have much more control over her ability, being able to breathe fire after she concentrates.

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